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Iggles Blog Vs. BountyBowl Blogstravaganza (#10): The Final Blogstrav
Posted on July 15th, 2008 at 11:01 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Looks like this is the end of the road for Derek and I, for the first time for the last time.  To be entirely honest, I’m pretty impressed I got this far at all. 

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At the risk of lurching back into slurpfest territory, right back atcha.  It’s been an absolute pleasure to play this game over the past week, and not just because it’s helped speed the time until training camp opens.  Of course, we can’t go on forever — you’ll need to go back to writing about the actual team and delivering consistently good insight, and I’ll need to go back to call the local writers names and copy-editing the Birds’ web site. 

Nobody said it was easy being “the bountybowl guy.”   

(Les, my man, it’s BountyBowl.  Two capital Bs.  That’s how we roll over here.  CamelCase.  Though I appreciate the obviously begrudging shout-out.)

That said, I’m glad you bit on the coach question.  We tend not to think about a world without Andy Reid (well, sort of), and we all assume that the coach will outlast the QB (which is probably correct), but is it so inconceivable that Dunavin gets a John Elway second-coach-new-system-and-couple-Super-Bowls? 

(No.  No it isn’t.  It’s just that that second coach will be in a city not called Philadelphia.) 

My comments on your coaches:

1.  Looks like we both f*cking hate the same guys.  As in, I’ve got zero-point-zero interest in the geriatric or Mini-Me eras coming to the Illadelph.  At least Childress seems sentient; I’m not sure I’dtrust Morhinweg to order dinner for me.  In Vermeil’s defense, the ‘99 Rams America’s Game taught me that he was a complete hardass, even in his old age.  Worked the boys til they screamed for mercy.  That’s got to be worth something.  Still, I want nothing to do with these dudes.

2.   It ain’t gonna be Jim Johnson.  Jim Johnson extinguished his chances for a head-coaching spot when he signed his extension with the Birds a few years back.  That said, I couldn’t agree with you more about the overall coolness of Johnson: he’s definitely the only coach who seems to ignore the requests of Derek Boyko to not be “quite so candid” in re: which players effing s*ck.  Mostly that means good on JJ for calling out Kearse for being crap. 

3.  Coach Chin can take it elsewhere.  I just don’t want to be downstream of the Steelers.  I’m leaving it there (and I know that you’d like more of a response here, but I’m really not jazzed about it at all…also, didn’t he lose for a ton of years before he finally won?).

4. But what about the four years at clown college?  While I obviously respect any decision that hurts the Cowboys’ feelings, do we really want some Ivy League egghead running the Birds?  Much less one from Princeton?  What he may lack in football expertise, he’ll more than make up for carefully conducted Gentlemanly Club Life?  Next you’re going to tell me we should promote that guy from the local overpuffed Catholic school to head coach.  

So where might we go from here? 

(Seriously, I’m out of steam here.  Need to work on the conditioning!)

I (and others) are still interested to know why you do Iggles Blog.  I mean, I read these things every day, and while I don’t need picture of your kids or anything like that, I am interested in learning what motivates you to do all this (beyond the obvious GLORIOUS PASSION FOR THE PHILADELPHIA EAGLES).  It’s not for the money, or the ladies (Wanna see the most bored/ disgusted look a woman is capable of?  Start telling one about your Eagles blog)…so what is it?  Feel free to answer on your own time. 

(You can also just send an e-mail.  But I think other folks are curious too.)

Seriously, it’s been fun.  Looking forward to a big season.

Go Birds.


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Link Here | July 16, 2008,

can’t bellieve you are going after sean m., especially in looking at the promising year at LB we have.

ok fine, i admit it: i went to school with him. the guy was an absolute animal-anyone who wrestled him knows that.

Comment by jd

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