What Would Buddy Do?
Trips to Arizona are for backups, the infirm, and informercial product placement
Posted on July 16th, 2008 at 3:00 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

the ab dollyAnd so with the annual visit to (and attendant reports from) Donovan McNabb’s pre-training-camp bonding throwdown at his place out in Arizona, as reported by Dunavin his own self via his blog.  Good to know that everyone’s spending some QT together and doing lots of crunches. 

Oh wait, not quite everyone.  Certainly not either of the starting wideouts or the Best Player On The Team.  I’ll speculate to say that the guys who are most interested in staying in 5’s good graces were the ones hopping that US Air (nee America West) flight to Phoenix.  As in, L.J. Smith, Avant, Baskett and Booker.  Certainly L.J. is going to need Dunavin on his side if he wants to have the big year required for him to Get Paid.  And the other guys are jockeying for spots on the depth chart. 

We don’t want to call it sucking up, but we would say that it’s certainly in one’s best interest to have the trust of the quarterback, and if earning that trust includes a four-hour flight and some obsequiousness in re: his cooking, so be it.

Speaking of, I’ll agree with Eagletarian and note that it would have been nice if Jackson made the trip

Also, far as I can tell, Dawk has been out there for a few extra days.  If I had to posit a theory, I’d guess this includes a bit of rehab work but also some long, thoughtful conversations between him and Dunavin about their years with the Birds and what their respective futures may hold.  Yes yes, wistful moments on the veranda, sipping iced tea and looking off into the friscallating dusklight.

And, of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention that Dunavin took the time to pimp his trainer buddy’s mail-order business.  Act now!  This is a limited time offer!  Wait, but does it have a 30-day no-risk guarantee?  Let me see.  Hmmm.  Looking.  Looking.  Wait a moment.  YES!  There it is

(What happened to Chunky Soup and Reebok?  Even AirTran is better than this.)

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