What Would Buddy Do?
Lito Sheppard demoted to second string again; Westbrook to start at “Disgruntled”
Posted on July 17th, 2008 at 2:36 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

have a burger

And here we thought we’d have only manufactured drama heading into camp.

The 36 Chambers of Brian Westbrook has apparently been gently suggesting that he could use a new contract for months, and this afternoon he escalated the negotiation by changing agents.  Move over Lito!  Now there’s something meatier!

Sure, B-West got paid in 2005, but he was probably the best back in the NFL last year, and was certainly the Eagles’ best player (by a lot). 

The catch is that Joe Banner has a spreadsheet, and I would suspect that said spreadsheet has some very untoward things to say about the performance of running backs as they approach the age of 30 (and even more to say about the performance of said pushing-30 running backs immediately following the signature of a fresh contract, a.k.a. the Shaun Alexander corollary).  In B-West’s defense, inasmuch as he’s complained about not getting enough carries over the years, his overall mileage is relatively low — and the Birds know it.  Thus, if they’re keeping track of these things, Westbrook has a decent shot to Get Paid.

I’m definitely on the pay-him team.  It’s worth it for the two years of high-level productivity left on his warranty.  And I really hope this doesn’t turn into training-camp drama (though at least it’ll spare us a couple weeks of Dunavin hype).

Poor Lito.  Can’t even be the most valuable pissed-off guy. 

Like Sheppard, Eagles’ Westbrook Hires New Agent [Philly.com]     

Comments so far:

Link Here | July 17, 2008,

At least 36 didn’t hire Rosenshit. Pay the guy, Joe Banner. This is the dude you should bend your rules for.

Comment by brianS

Link Here | July 17, 2008,

“Poor Lito. Can’t even be the most valuable pissed-off guy. ”

and that’s why i love this site.

Comment by jd |

Link Here | July 17, 2008,

Yeah I think I dislike Lito a little less now. I really don’t want to hear Rosenhaus whine for a few months about what Lito “should” get.

Comment by BountyBowl Jr.

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