What Would Buddy Do?
We look forward to the challenge of another season of press conferences
Posted on July 21st, 2008 at 10:06 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

he who smelt it
I’m not even going to pretend I wasn’t looking forward to Andy Reid’s opening press conference from Birds’ training camp.  Whilst he may take some grief for being a bit dull in these sessions, um, I kind of like them?  I guess I was even readier than Andy his own self for the start of my favorite TV show (inasmuch as the NFL season has an actual beginning and end). 

(Also, why is Andy lefting his leg in the photo above?  Burrito for lunch?  What’s this about?)

My big takeaways this afternoon:

1.  The moral high ground is very crowded in the Eagles - BWest standoff.  I thought it was pretty interesting that both Brian Westbrook and Andy Reid used a lot of the same language and signifiers in their discussion of his contract dispute.  Both were dropping “fair” and “what’s right.”  I suppose that’s pretty standard — in that everyone thinks their position is the right one — but the use of similar language was pretty uncanny.  I also think it was interesting that they both mentioned that Brian was a “leader” on the team.  Also, we can’t neglect that Westbrook pointed to Reid’s own extension as an example of why he wanted more cash.

2. Andy Reid totally pussed out about his best friend Brett Favre.  I mean, I guess it isn’t really so much Andy Reid’s business to be discussing the Packers, but to pretend that he hadn’t really heard anything about it because he’d been on vacation?  Andy, come on now.  Don’t tease us like that.  We all wish we could pretend that Brett Favre wasn’t clogging our usually reliable sports-content distribution channels – it’s rude to gloat.    

3. Big Red wasn’t on a diet this off-season!  I’ve long since held that Eagles’ performance is directly proportional to the Andy Reid waistline, with the one losing season coming when the big fella went on a diet.  Glad to see he’s still devoting his considerable Mormom appetites to the mass consumption of linguine with clams (his alleged favorite food).  I can only imagine how many X’s preceeded the L on the label of that festive Aloha shirt he was sporting. 

Football is back.  Sweet. 

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