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And we’re back: BountyBowl narrowly beats Shawn Andrews in return to civilization
Posted on August 10th, 2008 at 9:48 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie


Well hello!

Back on the scene after a lovely little vacation, a few grams heavier on my left side, but otherwise unscathed.  Great week off, but it’s pretty chill to be back. 

So what’d I miss?

When we last spoke, I hoped my absence would produce a Brian Westbrook contract, a Shawn Andrews answer, and an absence of injuries.  Pretty much 3-for-3, though it turns out that I got back slightly before Andrews.  Still, we’ll take it.  I missed the preseason game, and have only the highlights and a 48-hour news cycle to go on, but it sounds like things have been pretty appropriately mellow in and around the Birds. 

Still, I’ll need to catch up on what I’ve missed:

So Andrews was depressed.  Certainly no one is going to speak ill of this.  I don’t want to say something completely stupid here (!!!UH OH!!!), but I think it’s fair to observe that Shawn Andrews is pretty lucky to be Shawn Andrews.  That is, I bet there are a lot of players in the NFL who are depressed and could probably use help.  Unfortunately for them, they’re not young Pro Bowl players on their second contract whose upside is legitimately “best at his position in the NFL.”  Good to be Shawn Andrews.  Nobody’s cutting Jerome McDougle any slack like this, and that dude got shot.   

The Dawkins highlight clip does send a chill up the spine.  Oh man, I didn’t see the game, who knows what else happened and how he played otherwise, maybe he’s been great at practice, but YIKES.  Is Dawk getting Duce/ Trot-ed?  Are the Birds even deep enough to do that?  Let’s pretend that play didn’t happen or that Santonio Holmes is actually the game-breaking wideout that the Football Outsiders guys believe he is. 

I need to towel off about McNabb.  All I’ve seen is the stat line and a couple highlights on the Birds’ site and NFL.com, but already I’ve talked myself into dropping a total reach imaginary football pick on Dunavin.  In the one league that I have a co-owner, I’ve had the imagined conversation in re: “How do I talk B****** into spending Grand Theft Porno’s third-round pick on McNabb.”  (If you must ask, I wasn’t even that convincing in the imaginary conversation.)   

At what point do we need to take the Asante Samuel injury seriously?  I’ve just been assuming that he’s fat and happy about his new deal and has just been malingering a bit with the hamstring.  That’s the deal, right?  Everything will be chill once the lights come on?  Also, I’m getting the sense that Samuel wasn’t all that popular with the rest of the Pats?  First the yatchy Mean Girls sniping from Wes Welker, then some nasty words about Asante in the David Tyree “The catch” SI article from two weeks ago (essentially, the article intimated that other Pats players blame Samuel for not hitting Tyree).  At least there are some actual football photos of Samuel now (meaning we don’t have to look at any more nonsense like the below from the Birds’ site). 


Did Mornhinweg have a talk with Jim Johnson about how you’re allowed to be slightly more honest than average as a coordinator?   I love Mornhinweg running all this “McNabb was hurt last year and was slow” game.  No kidding, Marty, but I’ll admit that it does make me feel slightly less crazy to hear him say it — especially since he’s usually so bland.  If Mornhinweg keeps this up, I might be able to spell his name without checking pretty soon!      

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