What Would Buddy Do?
I too long to make light of my coworkers’ emotional problems
Posted on August 11th, 2008 at 10:41 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie


Decent showing from Matt Mosley’s NFC East blog (which I’d found a bit forgettable to date) this afternoon.  Not only did he manage to get a T.O. quote out of Dunavin (Why we gotta be bringin up old sh*t?), but he got Jon Runyan to speak ill of Shawn Andrews:

Runyan wants to believe that Andrews is truly sincere about suffering from depression, but something doesn’t seem right about it.

“It’s hard to believe it because I know how he is,” Runyan said. “Knowing him, he could be playing a joke on all of us….”

Runyan said that Andrews apologized to the team, but even that didn’t impress the veteran player.

“He apologized a little bit, but if you’re truly sick, what should you have to apologize for?”

There are a lot of ways that being an NFL player is different than, say, going to my job every day.   One of those ways appears to be that you can publicly question the mental health diagnosis and condition of coworkers.  For the record, the HR department at my job would not be psyched if I started blogging about the conditions of coworkers by name.  But they tend to be uptight about stuff like that.   

Generally speaking, though, I’ve long since suspected that Big Jon must think Shawn Andrews is kind of annoying.  So I’m not going to say I’m shocked by this from Runyan.  But it’s still the sort of thing that he probably doesn’t need to be saying to reporters.  Plenty of time to call Andrews a liar/ sissy behind closed doors.   

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