What Would Buddy Do?
So this is “personal reasons” (talkin bout guns like I ain’t got none)
Posted on August 13th, 2008 at 9:14 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

guns.jpgI guess we know what the “personal reasons” were that got Eagles’ DT Broderick Bunkley excused from practice earlier this week: his house got burgled.

As capers go, it makes sense.  If you know where a pro athlete without a companion/ family lives and you know he’s got an away game, well, you have a pretty good shot at finding an unoccupied house full of fancy stuff.  It’s kind of like Die Hard, only significantly more petty and low-level. 

Among other details, the Daily News did a nice job detailing the arsenal of guns removed from Bunkley’s joint:

Also gone was his collection of firearms: two Desert Eagle .50-caliber handguns, an Armalite rifle, a custom-made .223-caliber rifle, a .45-caliber Glock handgun and ammunition for all of the weapons, the records show.

I count a Reid-household-esque five (5) weapons on that list.  Certainly it’s a collection that any sportsman would appreciate; he probably just bought them so that he could go hunting with Trent Cole.

Not to say I told you so (I never say it, and I don’t like people who do), but this is the sort of thing that doesn’t happen if Broderick would have just focused a bit more on building his entourage.  Bunk, no one will rob you if four of your boys from high school had been sitting on the couch sipping Miller Lites and playing XBox.  Think, man.  Think.

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Link Here | August 13, 2008,

unfortunately, professional athletes being robbed while they are at work is becoming all too common. one has to ask themselves the question: with that much firepower and technology in one location, why didn’t broderick at least purchase a decent home security system? instead, he could have come back home to a bunch of thugs holding his weapons at him.

Comment by jd |

Link Here | August 13, 2008,

If he HAD gotten there you know he wouldn’t have tackled anyone, but he would have at least occupied two guys until help arrived.

Comment by Derek |

Link Here | August 14, 2008,

I’m sure that Bunk uses the sawed off to hunt quail??? Bunk, is the next spokesperson for the NRA.

Comment by John |

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