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Eagles to face Ultimate Villains in Training Match
Posted on August 22nd, 2008 at 4:35 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Euro Birds

Crapsauce!  Due to the vagaries of my work travel schedule, it looks like I’m going to be on an airplane for the Pats game for the second time in nine months.  Sure, the other one actually “counted” but that doesn’t mean I didn’t want to watch the one tonight.  A quick summary of what I would have liked to have seen (but will only read about):

Brian Westbrook spending as little time out of his protective bubble-wrap coccoon as possible.  Goes without saying — let’s hope the franchise doesn’t get hurt.  If he must play, might I suggest a swing pass to the sidelines?  Something where he can dance out of bounds untouched?  

Shawn Andrews leveling someone on a screen pass.  Let’s have the Big Kid bounce outside and try to concuss some of the Pats’ elderly linebackers, mmm?  That’d be lovely.

Dunavin and the deep ball.  Okay, so no Curtis.  No Reggie Brown.  I feel a lot better about that if 5 can complete a pass deeper than 20 yards to the WR-by-committee.  Let’s throw it even if it isn’t there. 

Asante Samuel doing something even more obnoxious than talking about how happy his money makes him.  We would not hate it if Samuel ended up with a pick and indulged himself in a little taunting.  I’m just sayin is all.

Not a single bobbled kick or punt.  I really don’t think this is asking too much — please catch the ball.

Joe Mays on the highlight reel.  I dunno, I just want to see the kid blowing someone up on the highlights.  Nothing that injures anyone, just something noisy would be fine.

And, of couse, photo ops.  I want to see Big Red next to Belicheat; he’s got to be like three of him.  Also, the obligatory smug owner photo.

As for the photo above, well, that just doesn’t look very tough now does it.  Extra credit to the first commenter to name both Iggles in the photo.

Comments so far:

Link Here | August 22, 2008,

JR Reed (on the left) and Freddy Mitchell?

Comment by danny

Link Here | August 23, 2008,

Dan Klecko on the left and Luke Lawton on the right

Comment by buckwampum birds fan

Link Here | August 23, 2008,

or Dan Klecko and Jon Dorenbos can’t tell from goofy pose

Comment by buckwampum birds fan

Link Here | August 23, 2008,

speaking of Dorenbos can anyone else that actually does something else learn to long snap? i hate that he takes up a roster spot

Comment by buckwampum birds fan

Link Here | August 23, 2008,

It was, in fact, Klecko and Dorenbos.

File under: I bet Jon Runyan doesn’t think that looks very tough.

Comment by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Link Here | August 23, 2008,

THAT PHOTO IS …SUPER [omitted by editor]

Comment by c

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