What Would Buddy Do?
Local columnist insists on insulting customers, alienating readers
Posted on August 24th, 2008 at 7:06 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

I’m still trying to figure out what possessed Bob Ford of the Inquirer to unburden himself in re: the state of the Birds’ road supporters on Friday, besides an penchant for masochism and a desire to speak ill of his customers.  In case you missed it, I’ll give you the 27-word version: Eagles fans like to travel to road games, but they’re ugly and loutish and act like jerks because they’re such sore losers and follow a crappy team.  Some highlights:

It would be nice to report that the Eagles legions who pack the airplanes, haunt the hotel bars, and roam the streets are goodwill ambassadors from our fair city, the kind of representatives who leave behind a warm regard for Philadelphia once they have departed. Unfortunately, that would not be entirely accurate.

The great majority of traveling fans are grown men. If one were to generalize about them, it would seem they like to wear uniform jerseys that celebrate other men - not that there’s anything wrong with that - like to consume alcohol to excess, and are not slaves to their fitness regimens. The contingent often travels like a portable frat party from something less than the brightest house on campus.

It would also seem that Eagles fans revel in their reputations. As followers of a franchise that has not had a championship since Eisenhower’s final month in office, that’s understandable. What else might separate them from the devotees of any other NFL team? It certainly isn’t the trophies lined up in Jeff Lurie’s office, where there is plenty of shelf space.

Right, so Bob, last time I checked, the drunken louts you identify above also happen to be the same sort of people who, I dunno, read the freakin sports page.  Was this all a bit of irony that eluded me?  Who exactly do you think is reading your column, IN THE SPORTS SECTION AKA BRAD-AND-ANGELINA-FOR-THE-MALE-18-TO-64 SET? 

You don’t cover affairs of state here, you write about a TV show/ live entertainment event.  Reasonable adults skip the sports page and pay attention to the actual news.  If you want to insult the center of you customer base, that’s cool, but who exactly do you expect to read your column to pick up the slack?

As someone who will gleefully wear my Eagles jersey (as if wearing the jersey is somehow worse than wearing other logoed gear — if you’re dressing up for Halloween, you can put on a a set of novelty fangs or you can get five of your friends to dress up like the guys from Beerfest and wander from party to party with a giant glass boot, just depends on how you like to roll I s’pose) to a couple opposing stadiums this fall (and stay tuned for info about a larger Seattle field trip), I don’t get it.  Does he not want me to read his column?  Should he expect that I enjoy this sort of thing?  I’m a bit insulted/ confused here. 

Or at least I was, until I remembered that Bob was the guy who thought they should have been playing Kolb when the Birds were 2-4 last year.  Yes.  He’s a professional sportswriter. 

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Link Here | August 25, 2008,

Unfortunately, now he’ll get a ton of hate mail, and say he’s right.

The well-named Peter Schmuck of the Baltimore Sun will write this exact same column about Eagles fans before our (sorry Bob, I do tend to say “we” and “our” and “us” when I talk about the Eagles) game in Baltimore.

Comment by BrianS

Link Here | August 25, 2008,

That column wasn’t just a cheap shot at fans, it was just pointless. Is he arguing that Eagles fans should be more polite? Why? And why write that two weeks before the season starts? Personally, I don’t want opposing fans to feel comfortable at the Linc. I wouldn’t expect to get a warm welcome at opposing stadiums. That’s what a home field advantage is. And if fans of the opposing team can come into a stadium and shout down the home crowd, as I saw Raider fans do in San Diego, then the home fans are soft and deseve the abuse.

Comment by Tracer Bullet

Link Here | September 1, 2008,

Before our very eyes Ford continues to devolve as a columnist. Blathermonkey? No longer. Blatherlemur, perhaps, if such a species exists.

Comment by GFF

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