What Would Buddy Do?
Enough with the whinging about the press conferences
Posted on August 26th, 2008 at 1:55 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

time is yours

Note to blathermonkeys: your readership doesn’t care if Andy Reid’s press conferences are boring.  Those who do care watch them on the Birds’ site (yours truly staring awkwardly at ground).  Everyone else has better things to do, and expects you to report on what Andy Reid says. 

And while usually we have to endure asides within other pieces complaining about Andy Reid’s often dry media sessions, today we got an entire feature (in the otherwise excellent philly.com Eagles preview section) detailing their specific dullness. 

Why, as fans, do we care if Andy Reid is tight-lipped in his league-mandated media encounters?  Oh right!  We don’t.  (In fact, it can be argued that being tight-lipped is a strategy that leads to more wins — why hand extra information to next week’s opponent?)  So why does the local media keep writing about it?

Because, like the rest of us, they like to complain about their job.  That is, Andy Reid’s dull press conferences make it a lot harder for them to come up with stories for the following day’s edition.  If Andy Reid were up there dropping some Buddy Ryan personality on everyone, the stories would be easy: relay the coach’s bon mots in extensive block quotes, add approving descriptions of his charming anecdotes, tell us who’s hurt, done and done. 

Instead, with vanilla commentary from Big Red, they have to add the bon mots their own selves, and that’s, like, totally a hassle.  So they passive-aggressively whinge about it and write about how dull Andy Reid is.

Which is fine.  I b*tch about my job too.  I just don’t pretend that the b*tching should count as work.           

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Link Here | August 26, 2008,

But you don’t understand. It’s my job to cover the Philadelphia Eagles, and I don’t have any inside sources. I need Andy to let me in his head. Otherwise, I have to write this pieces on how it’s hard out here for pimp… Err a Philadelphia beat writer.
I have the worlds smallest violin playing just for the Philly sports writers. I can only dream of having a press pass, and getting nothing from Reid in response to my question.

Comment by John |

Link Here | August 26, 2008,

Wait, Andy is tight-lipped in press conferences? Why has no one mentioned this before?

I’m now so disillusioned.

Comment by Derek |

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