What Would Buddy Do?
Giants’ Super Bowl victory finally explained; as expected, it was Beelzebub
Posted on September 2nd, 2008 at 7:44 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie


What I gleaned from my first viewing of ESPN E-60 tonight (besides a conviction the format and opening titles must be intended as self-parody): that G-Men Super Bowl hero David Tyree was once, in his own words, possessed by the Devil himself.

Far be it from me to make light of someone’s faith or mental condition, but, um, demonic possession?  Seriously?  Notify Father Damian and take us back to medieval Europe!  I mean, I knew something was cosmically wrong when the Giants won the Super Bowl, but I had no idea how deep it went; this actually makes the injustice of said Super Bowl triumph all seem a bit more palatable.

(Note that Tyree was actually institutionalized, also had drug and alcohol problems, and seems to have gotten help, though he still describes himself as having been possessed.  Possessed.  Said it on TV and everything.) 

Man, this sure makes the whole Shawn Andrews thing seem pretty tame. 

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Link Here | September 2, 2008,

Not to get too serious here, but it’s not actually that uncommon of a statement. Here’s a quote from former drug czar Bill Bennett: “I have seen the face of evil and if you don’t think there is evil in the world today, travel with me on the drug circuit. The drug problem is fundamentally a moral problem-in the end a spiritual problem.” There’s another quote (that I can’t find) where he says (paraphrasing), “Satan comes up too often in the stories of people in rehab for us to ignore it.” If Harvard law grad and Ph.D. philosopher (his disseration was on Kant) William Bennett — the first drug czar — believes drugs are the work of the devil, then I don’t really think it’s all that odd David Tyree also believes he was possessed.

Comment by dmac |

Link Here | September 2, 2008,

I can’t believe the first reference to Kant on the blog didn’t come from me!

Comment by hoagie |

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