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Birds cruise in unimaginably mellow season debut
Posted on September 7th, 2008 at 10:31 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

these guys are still open

Um, so that was pretty chill.

In a season debut that contained about eleven-and-a-half minutes of actual tension, the Eagles crushed the Rams to the tune of 38-3. Thirty-eight to three! This was a lovely afternoon — big win for the Birds, and minimal anxiety for the fan base. We have all week to debate whether this result was due to the Eagles’ sweetness or the Rams’ crapulence (I suspect the answer will contain “a little bit of both”), but for now, I’m just happy to have a spring in my step tomorrow morning.

A few random observations (note: contains very few complaints):

I guess we can’t complain about Dunavin not throwing the deep ball. Wow. I was just hoping for one or two shots down the field. McNabb was more than comfortable launching 25-yard patterns all afternoon — and it didn’t hurt that (a) the Rams got barely any pressure on him and (b) dudes seemed to be insanely open. Greg Lewis, Hank Baskett and Jason Avant remain Greg Lewis, Hank Baskett and Jason Avant, but I guess even second-tier pro wideouts can get it done if no one covers them.

The papers are gushing about DeSean Jackson; I’m cautiously opimistic. He certainly looks solid for a rookie, and 5 seems to like him a ton (sure saw a ton of balls on the opening drive, and wasn’t even open on the big gainer on said drive). I definitely think he counts as a weapon, and I’m psyched, but I’m not panting. That is, it wasn’t like Week One in 2004 when T.O. caught three TDs against the Giants; a certain degree of moistness remains absent. (All that said, keep it up kid!)

Cardboard box. I wasn’t sure if the Sheldon Brown hit had made youtube yet. Silly me!

Speaking of the defense, if I was nitpicking I’d complain that they didn’t score on their own. Could have been at least three picks out there, and the one Samuel dropped was a pick-six waiting to happen. I worried that the Eagles might struggle a little with Jackson around the edge. Not so much. Also, and maybe it was the reception on the television or something, but did Darren Howard have a big game? The Rams are going to struggle this year, aren’t they.

Shovel pass! How can defenders be surprised when they see the split-back set from the Eagles at the goal line? In this day and age! They have video recording equipment to capture game film, correct? They knew that it was coming, no? It’s just that they couldn’t stop it?

B-West with the fumbles? At least he had the good taste to fumble out of bounds the second time, but didn’t Westbrook fumble on two consecutive plays? Bizarre. And really, that might be the only legitimate complaint I can offer.

Pretty solid, all told. Pretty solid.

Go Birds.

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Link Here | September 8, 2008,

Hey, couldn’t agree more, although there isn’t much to even talk about here! The Birds rolled. It’s all about Dallas next week. Anybody else pumped?

Check out my Philly blog: philistinephan.blogspot.com

Rock on

Comment by Ashwin |

Link Here | September 9, 2008,

CORRECTION: the use of “crapulence” in re: the Rams above is incorrect. I meant to say “craptasticness.” Apologies for the error.

Comment by hoagie |

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