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My Grand Prediction(s) for the 2008 Eagles season
Posted on September 7th, 2008 at 9:29 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Asking me how I think the season is going to go for the Eagles is a fairly silly exercise.  OF COURSE I think they’re going to win the You-Know-What.  But it’s not like I think that they’re overwhelmingly the best team; I’m capable of some semblance of restraint.  I just think that (deep breath)…

…If McNabb and Westbrook can stay healthy and the younger guys on the defense step up and they get just a little something on special teams and the Cowboys get a little unlucky with injuries and the Giants struggle a little near the end of the year then the Birds — traditional strong finishers — might just be able to force their way into the playoffs, maybe even pip the division, and once you’re in the playoffs, who knows what can happen, maybe they catch a cool end-of-the-road vibe from Andy Reid and McNabb, and finally get this thing done.

Yup.  This is how my brain rationalizes the upcoming football season.

All that said, I’ve got them at 11-5.  While I’m making stuff up, I’ll even give you the losses: at Dallas, Pittsburgh, at Seattle, New York, at Washington.  I’ll boldly state that they’ll win the week before their bye (!).  And I like that they get a long rest before they play at the Giants.

If I had to say anything about what I think will be special and different about the 2008 Eagles versus recent vintages at a macro level, I would guess the following:

1. I imagine that the coaching staff will be smarter and more prepared this year.  When the Eagles go to the library and study, they can hang with anyone.  The schemed the Patriots.  They schemed the Cowboys.  Andy Reid has to have his head in the game a bit more this year, right?  Things seem a little calmer across the board.  I think it helps Andy Reid.

2. I think that the Eagles love that they have three expensive corners.  If we believe that the League has adapted the rules to aid the passing game over the past ten years, and that passing offenses are going to become the default setting, then the Birds might have ideated themselves some innovation!

3. The rookies will play and make a difference.  They look appropriately cocky, and not just DeSean Jackson.  Demps seems feisty as does Joe Mays, and it looks like Laws will get a bunch of plays.  Be nice if they upgraded and updated the personality of the team a bit.

4. Speaking of personalities, maybe this year the Eagles get a little less Andy Reid and a little more Britt Reid.  I’m a little bored with the model citizen thing.  I don’t think dudes have to get arrested, but could they at least ’spress themselves a bit more out there?  A little more Asante Samuel and DeSean Jackson and a little less Donovan McNabb and Brian Dawkins?  Some occasional jackassery out there is good for business.

Aight, enough punditry; time for football.

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