What Would Buddy Do?
You didn’t need those brain cells anyway (and that’s why we love you)
Posted on September 8th, 2008 at 10:19 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Loved this quote from Sheldon Brown:

Brown had the best hit of the game, leveling running back Steven Jackson and knocking his helmet off his head after a 24-yard catch in the second quarter. Both of the Eagles’ safeties were up near the line of scrimmage on the play, and Brown was playing centerfield.

“In certain packages, I’m helping the [other] corner over the top,” he said. “We had both safeties down in the box and I had an opportunity to play in the middle of the field.

“[Jackson] is 6-1, 230 [Brown is 5-10, 200]. Last night, coach said, ‘Small guys, go low.’ But it was an opportunity for me to go high and I took it.”

What Sheldon means to say here is that hitting Steven Jackson low would have increased Brown’s chances of both tackling the Rams’ RB and finishing the game unconcussed himself, but he has such a passion for violently painful collisions that he decided to take the “opportunity” to lead with his helmet and see if he could knock Jackson’s head clean off. 

And why not?  Treat yourself, Sheldon.  You dealt with some bullsh*t this week – you’ve earned it.  Enjoy the undiagnosed concussion and youtube plaudits from the peoples!    

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