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Big Sexy crushes it on Vince Young
Posted on September 11th, 2008 at 1:09 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

I was planning to dump some serious Haterade on the Vince Young story from this week with a post that said, roughly, “I can’t believe this dude’s mom is crying to the media because her underperforming son got booed once in a wimpy media town like Nashville.” 

I would have then continued by saying, “Yeah, imagine that Donovan McNabb (and Eli Manning, and Rex Grossman) have to deal with about 100x that level of criticism in every edition of the morning paper and on talk radio, and somehow they manage to not have a breakdown about it.”

Essentially, I was going to make the point that Dunavin has it orders of magnitude worse than Vince Young, and has (sometimes remarkably) pushed through all that bullsh*t, but Big Sexy (Jason Whitlock) already nailed the McNabb angle, and then some:

Everyone told Vince Young and Michael Vick the NFL would be easy. They’d revolutionize the QB position with their legs, and they could pop bottles, roll with a posse and pretend to be Jay-Z in their spare time.

It just doesn’t work. Not for Young or Vick. Not for Matt Leinart. Not for anyone who wants to star at the position and avoid the boo-birds.

No one revolutionizes the starting quarterback position. The position revolutionizes the person playing it. Just ask Donovan McNabb. He figured it out and changed his game. Over the objection of idiots, McNabb developed his skills as a pocket passer. He concentrated on becoming a student of the game. If he can stay healthy over the next three or four years, McNabb will surpass Warren Moon as the best black quarterback ever to play the game.

Unfortunately, there are still people, especially black people, who don’t appreciate McNabb. They think he let “us” down by de-emphasizing his athleticism, and they criticize him for being cozy with his organization the way Peyton Manning is with the Colts and Brady is with the Patriots.

McNabb doesn’t get to enjoy the luxury of being a company man the way other franchise QBs in their prime do.

But McNabb has never threatened to quit or asked out of a game because the Philly fans were too rough. McNabb understands that in some instances the scrutiny of a black quarterback might be a tad more intense than that of a white one. He also understands that the best way to combat it isn’t whining. It’s performance. It’s work ethic. It’s professionalism.

Dude.  Dead on. 

Also, in case you still wanted to challenge the point that race has nothing to do with the attitude toward McNabb in the Illadelph, I might recommend this charmer (shaking head, staring at floor in shame). 

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Link Here | September 11, 2008,

whitlock gets fired at espn.

sthephen a. smith is allowed to keep working at espn.

kind of makes you think.

Comment by jd

Link Here | September 12, 2008,

lest anyone forget, vince was also the guy who called mcnabb a whiner for saying that black qb’s have it tougher than white qb’s, and that if he couldn’t handle the pressure of playing qb he should “go play something else”

Comment by meanguy |

Link Here | September 13, 2008,

Meanguy, I totally forgot about those quotes. Wow — great catch.

Comment by hoagie |

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