What Would Buddy Do?
Put a BOUNTY on Matt Mosley
Posted on September 13th, 2008 at 2:36 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Matt, we tried to give you a chance.  We did.  While we appreciated it when you paid the appropriate levels of respect to the Filladelfya faithful in your fan rankings, we always knew that something wasn’t quite right.  Maybe it was the absolute lack of attention paid to the Eagles in your NFC East “roundup” posts or just the fact that you’re from Dallas.  We sure didn’t like when you brought up the T.O. nonsense when you visited Eagles camp (I believe the phrase I used was “Why you gotta be bringin up old sh*t?”), and we definitely didn’t like it when you opined earlier this week that,

You get the feeling that McNabb spends a lot more time thinking about the past than T.O., who appears to be having the time of his life with Tony Romo, the man he tearfully referred to as “my quarterback.”

Do we get that feeling, Matt?  I really don’t.  The only time this crap comes up is when the Eagles play Dallas and lazy sportswriters can’t think of anything better to say.  (See Ashley Fox, earlier this week.)  And you have to hand it to the commenters on ESPN for killing you for this piece — especially because Ed Werder had reported on T.O.’s latest claptrap (the part where he volunteered his latest round of yadda yadda about stuff from three years ago) at about the same time.  You backtracked immediately and wrote, “Don’t you wish these two guys could simply move on with their lives?”  This was, ahem, like two hours later.

Right.  So McNabb answers your question in training camp about T.O., and he’s the obsessed guy.  T.O. flaps his gums this week unprompted and these “two guys” need to move on with their lives?  I’d been trying to ignore the story altogether, and hate that I’m mentioning it at all, but you did such a clumsy job “reporting” it that I just couldn’t help myself.   

I guess we could cut you some slack for the poor job you’re doing of covering the Eagles in your column (sure, the Cowboys are more nationally popular than the Eagles and you probably drive more traffic with Cowboy stories), but it’s just soooo lazy.  Your Philly “round up” pieces are just the top Eagles headlines from Philly.com.  Dude!  Get some RSS feeds or something.  Other papers in the area cover the Eagles.  A bunch of blogs, too.  There’s plenty out there.  Florio at PFT does a better job mixing it up with his team one-liners, and he’s keeping an eye on the whole league.  I dunno, Mr. Mosley — it just doesn’t seem like you’re trying very hard.       

And thus we must bestow our first official BOUNTY of the 2008 season on you, Matt Mosley.  Congrats!  Sal Paolantonio and Peter King send their best.

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