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Birds fall to Cowboys in a close one, deny me decent night of sleep
Posted on September 16th, 2008 at 8:46 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie


I wish I could pretend that I didn’t watch this one pretty much live. I really do. This was going to be a real turning point for me, maturity wise. I would be able to wait and watch it at a normal hour like a regular human being.

Yeah, not so much.

In retrospect, I think the problem was that I wasn’t completely asleep at kickoff. I needed to be unconscious when it started, otherwise I was going to get sucked into it and end up watching the whole freakin thing, compromising the better part of a night of sleep in the process. Of course, it didn’t help my cause that the game was ridiculously exciting. Sigh. I’ll just be paying for it all day. Should be a hoot!

My takeaways:

McNabb dusted off his mask and cape. For a guy who claimed his days of 14-second scrambles were behind him, it sure did look like Donovan McNabb wasn’t above the occasional superhero stunt last night. It wasn’t just the brave scrambling within the pocket, it was his willingness to absorb some pretty vicious shots (especially that scramble inside the Cowboys’ 10 near the end of the first half) that was most impressive. Sure seemed like this was a veteran guy making it clear that he was playing for keeps last night. Also, aren’t we Philly fans supposed to respond to that gritty “leave it all on the field” stuff? Or will we nitpick because it’s Dunavin?

Speaking of masks and capes. I know we already knew this, but that DeMarcus Ware – yikes! I wish the Eagles had one of those. That he still had the motor to bring McNabb down on that third-down play at the end of the game was keenly impressive. That’s the kind of dude/ play that wins games.

The Big Kid was already looking forward to that turkey burger. Obviously it has to hurt the team to lose a player like Shawn Andrews, especially against a defensive front like the Cowboys have. But the unaided eye certainly must have noticed a couple whiffs from Andrews early in the game. I don’t think the tape is going to be very kind on that front.

Tell the whipping boy that his flogging post is ready. On a night where the secondary seemed to underperform across the board, Sean Considine looked especially useless – not just in coverage but on the second long kick return as well. I guess it doesn’t help that the Eagles weren’t getting much of a pass rush put together, but I thought the Eagles had three starting cornerbacks? I thought one of them might be able to cover that fellow, what’s his name, rather spirited young man, what is it again? Also, was Romo even looking for the other Dallas wideouts?

The broader point in re: the above. The defense looked pretty vulnerable last night. They didn’t get to Romo at all, to the point of frustration, because every time they did bring a little pressure, Romo seemed to falter a bit. Sitting back in coverage was not the answer in the passing game. File that away for December.

It was the facemask we didn’t see. Apart from the Cowboys’ efforts to twist Brian Westbrook’s head clean off (some of which were called, some of which weren’t), did ESPN ever show a replay of the apparent facemask on Asante Samuel on his runback after the pick? Or was there no time for that amidst all the blathering from the booth?

Speaking of blathering. I’m a longtime PTI fanboy, but Kornheiser was especially awful in the booth last night. As the game went on, he went from extraneous to intrusive to downright irritating. It’s nice having Jaws in there, but even that was tempered by a limit to my passion for discussions of quarterback mechanics…in the National Football League.

And one last thing. The hook and ladder and ladder? Seriously? The Birds don’t have any 20-yard plays? What happened to that 4th-and-26 fighting spirit?

I’m shocked that I’m not more bummed out this morning. I was bummed last night, but beyond my dream of an undefeated season, the long-term damage from last night feels minimal. Mostly I’m more convinced than I was the week before that the Birds can be pretty legit this year.

And that’s not so bad.

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Link Here | September 16, 2008,

“And one last thing. The hook and ladder and ladder? Seriously? The Birds don’t have any 20-yard plays? What happened to that 4th-and-26 fighting spirit?”

This play bugged the crap out of me too - almost reminded me of a certain forth down in a recent Divisional Playoff game. I can hear AR in the press conference, “There just aren’t that many plays out there designed to get you 17 yards on 4th down.”

Kind of felt like a cop out, but at least he didn’t punt…

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