What Would Buddy Do?
Like handing out free cocaine in Vegas
Posted on September 18th, 2008 at 1:59 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie


Did you hear that the Eagles lost? Must be on account of that no-account choke artist of a quarterback! See, he can’t get it done in the clutch! He can’t! Ever! And don’t go whining about the defense giving up 34 points, the special teams giving up a return touchdown and the defensive line not hurrying Tony Romo even once (much less sacking him)! That’s not the problem here. The problem is McNabb!  He threw 12 incompletions, seven of which were his fault!  When are they going to learn?  This guy is a bum, and he’ll never win anything.

(Again?  AGAIN?  THIS SOON?) 

(I’ll give the locals credit for a slightly nuanced approach to this in the actual articles, but the headers and the photo tell a pretty obvious story, and one that must drive pageviews. Still, I’m just baffled. Let’s just say that my biggest concerns ahead of the Pittsburgh game have extremely little to do with the quarterback position, and a lot to do with the offensive line and the defense as a whole.)

(The fumble was a serious f*ckup though. No denying it. So were a lot of other plays in that game.)

(Also, you gotta love that “debating” Donovan McNabb ahead of Week 3 trumps the Phils’ playoff chase.  Yup, Rick Reilly, it’s a baseball town.)

(Also, I would have blamed McNabb for this week’s global financial meltdown, but the KSK guys beat me to that joke.  Damnable day job!)

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Link Here | September 18, 2008,

He’s not blameless, those final two drives were just awful, but McNabb doesn’t play defense, cover kicks, decline to blitz or drop his own passes. How many games does he have to win before we can stop having this conversation?

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