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This is not the time for rose-colored glasses
Posted on October 6th, 2008 at 11:06 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie


The pressers following yesterday’s loss were predictably depressing.  I mean, I guess it’s tough to get up in front of the assembed media and just admit that you got your ass kicked (unless you’re Jim Johnson, then you’re actually honest about things).  And while the Trent Coles and Chris Gocongs of the world can express regret in front of their lockers, the team’s stars are forced to put on a happy face and act like the game wasn’t really that bad. 

At least that’s what Donovan McNabb was trying (and not quite succeeding) to do.  Looking as miserable as he’s looked since last season, McNabb lamely tried to convince the reporters, and, we imagine, his off-camera teammates, as well as himself, that the Eagles weren’t really that bad.  He kept insisting that the Eagles were “better” than the Redskins as well as the Bears, and that they “should have” beaten the Cowboys

Um, yeah.  So “better” and “should have” don’t mean anything.  Most of the teams are pretty good in the NFL — a couple are great and a couple stink, but most are in the creamy middle.  The Eagles are definitely in the creamy middle.  This is not 2004.  Every win will be tough and hard-earned.  If the Eagles want to make the playoffs, they’ll need to start winning these close games against competent teams.

Of course, McNabb has a duty to project confidence to the rest of the team, especially publicly.  So we can’t fault him for (metaphorically) wearing rose-colored glasses as he describes Sunday’s loss.  We can’t even fault him if he’s ACTUALLY WEARING rose-colored glasses while delivering said message (!), which we can only assume (by cross-referencing Brian Dawkins’ post-game pink leisure suit) was part of some organizational commitment to Breast Cancer Awareness Day.           

(Seems a wee bit tacky/ the fashion show scene from Slapshot to me, but hey, what do I know.)


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