What Would Buddy Do?
Might I suggest a new juvenile motivational tactic?
Posted on October 8th, 2008 at 12:45 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

From a rhetorical style perspective, the Eagles have long since pursued the confidence-with-class angle: certainly comfortable with the quality of their team and optimistic about their chances, but always deferential to opponents and quietly patient in the face of criticism.  Thus do we hear about the “gold standard” and “pedal to the metal” for the Super Bowl, about “looking forward to the challenge of playing the ____” and Andy Reid insisting that it’s all his fault and they just need to iron out a few things (even as the sky is falling).

For an organization and city that once embraced the assholishly charming bluster of Buddy Ryan (we miss ya, Buddy!), the current Eagles are, well, a bit bland.  Successful, yes, but bland.  And I think we can admit that the tone of the PR messaging coming out of the NovaCare complex is starting to feel a bit old, if not entirely hollow, especially when the Eagles are telling us that they’re a better team than the two teams that just beat them. 

The creepy thing about the external messaging strategy is what it suggests about the internal messaging.  That is, do these guys really think that they’re that sweet?  That they should expect to dominate teams each week?  Has the quiet confidence thing mutated into a smug complacency? 

Who knows — I don’t work there/ hang out with these guys.  BUT, I think it’s time for the Birds to dust off an oldie-but-goodie in the motivation department.  That is, why don’t the Birds start playing the “Nobody respects us” card!  Sure, it’s completely cliched at this point, but it actually seems to be a proven solution for motivating otherwise comfortable millionaires.  It worked for the Giants last year — sh*t, it even worked for the Pats!  As they were blowing people out by 30 points, Tom Brady was talking about how no one was taking them seriously, etc etc! 

Why not the Birds?  They should walk into the Wednesday pressers and announce that they’re the last-placed team in the best division in football.  People are calling them a losers, repeats of the 2007 edition, and the national blathertariat are dropping them in the various power rankings — it’s time to embrace the void!  Dunavin and Dawk should get up there and admit that the team is no good, and then start the locker-room whisper campaign about not getting any respect, and being abandoned by the fans (who are suddenly flocking to the stinkin Phillies!), and aren’t we going to show everyone who ever doubbted us!

(Yeah, it’s a stretch, but these are proud men.  Calling them cowards and challenging them might yield some results.  Certainly a change of tone probably wouldn’t hurt.)     

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Link Here | October 9, 2008,

“No one respects us!”

“Actually, that’s true. They don’t.”

“Well yeah, but they should.”

“Why? We’re not very good.”

“I guess we’re not.”


“So maybe a different cheer then.”

“Yeah. Maybe.”

Comment by Derek

Link Here | October 9, 2008,

Dude, that’s how it works! All the doubters and haters! We need to effing show them! Called us names! We need to put on the foil!

(As you note — it’s actually true in the case of the Eagles. These are not the 2007 Pats.)

Comment by Cheesesteak Hoagie |

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