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Telling a story with pictures
Posted on October 8th, 2008 at 4:28 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie


When I snapped this photo during Sunday’s game (click the image to look at a larger version), I was trying to capture a moment of sideline levity (and potential camaraderie) between Donovan McNabb and Reggie Brown.  I felt like I’d heard rumblings that McNabb and Brown “didn’t get along well” (and may have repeated/ amplified said rumblings my own self) and wanted to get some photographic proof of them making nice.  See (1) above.

Of course, how was I to know the depth of drama said photo would capture!  As in,

(2) Check out a dejected-looking DeSean Jackson marching away from the cool kids.  We don’t want to go far as to label his pose as a sulk, but, well, it does fit a certain stereotype of the folks who play his position in the NFL — especially in weeks when he inexplicably didn’t touch the ball often enough.  Still, DeSean’s been a model citizen with the blathertariat to date; let’s give the young fella the benefit of the doubt for now.

(3) Is that J.R. Reed nursing a boo-boo?  He made the injury report after the game and didn’t practice today.  It’d be disingenuous to claim that I noticed this in real time.

(4) Finally, we have Sean Considine on the sideline with his helmet off.  Given that the Eagles were playing defense at this point in the game, this is an excellent sign.  Slightly less excellent is the fact that he’s still wearing a uniform and was listed as active for the game.  But I’m sure they’re working on that.

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Link Here | October 11, 2008,

You should do intelligence work for the CIA or NSA! Snapping a picture of 2 guys standing next to each proves they are the greatest friends! Wow, you really blew me away.

Comment by Mike

Link Here | October 11, 2008,

<p><p>I’m not sure that the CIA is chartered to do domestic surveillance (I believe that’s the FBI). The NSA shouldn’t be, but I don’t think that stops them.</p></p>

Also, I think it’s pretty clear from this photo that they ARE BFF. Case closed.

Comment by Cheesesteak Hoagie

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