What Would Buddy Do?
In midst of sports-feelings-fueled endorphin bath, Brian Dawkins offers sobering helping of honesty
Posted on October 23rd, 2008 at 11:51 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

As phired up as we are in re: the Phightins, it would be ridiculous to pretend that we won’t be bent out of shape regarding Sunday’s football game. And as much as the Eagles might enjoy a week or two out of the spotlight, well, they’re not really convinced that anyone will forget about them; as B-Dawk explained in his mid-week presser:

I think anytime that the team that is further along in the season is doing a good job, that other team is going to take a backseat at that time. That’s just the way it is. I think it should be that way because we all should be rooting for the Phillies, and I think the majority of us are, I know I am anyway. So, that doesn’t take anything away from what we have to do.

And believe me, if we go out in the game, and I’m not saying we will, but if we stink it up, you think the papers and you think the fans will be a little quieter because the Phillies are doing well? No. They are going to be just as upset, just as T’d off, and just as opinionated as they always are, so that doesn’t take away our responsibility to do our job and to hold ourselves to a high standard because someone is doing good across the street over there.”

If only it weren’t completely true. Sigh.

Also, we’re going to need a special name for the apocalypse coming to South Philly on Sunday. Eagles at 1, Phils at 8? That’s going to mean Daytona 500 levels of urine and puke in the parking lots. Also, I can’t wait to hear/ read about the glorious tales of horror from those of you who manage to make make it a doubleheader. Usually the most we can hope for on that front is a Flyers/ Sixers-into-Eagles affair, but Birds + World Series is really another level of absurdity.

Anyone interested in talking me into spending way too much money on tickets, please do so in the comments. NOTE: I’m a total sucker for peer pressure.

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