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Wait, but I trust Las Vegas; a modest proposal
Posted on November 4th, 2008 at 1:45 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

As others have already noted, the Eagles are favored by three points for this week’s game against the Giants at Lincoln Financial Field. Despite the fact that the Eagles have lost seven prime-time games in a row (and 13 of their last 15) and the part where the Giants are 7-1 and the defending Super Bowl Champions, Las Vegas seems to think the Eagles will get the best of the G-Men on Sunday.

Nerd that I am, I struggle to disagree with the judgment of a market price (the line), especially nine weeks into the season. The first month or so of the NFL season usually produces some curious prices, but by this time of year valuations should be a bit more steady. But my emotional brain just isn’t buying it on this game. How will the Eagles’ offensive line handle the Giants’ front seven? And how will the Birds defense stand up to Brandon Jacobs? Has Vegas been spending too much time on Football Outsiders and not enough time watching the actual games? The Birds by three just doesn’t seem right, and BELIEVE YOU ME, I would like nothing more than to take this as evidence that the G-Men are overrated and the Birds will rough them up on Sunday.

A modest proposal: were one so inclined, one could place a small wager (say, fifty American dollars) on the outcome of this contest. Said wager could be placed on the Giants plus the three points, and leave one with a prudent financial hedge on one’s standing weekly emotional wager (a traditionally volatile investment). That is, one must consider if one is interested in paying fifty American dollars to lock in at least some success Sunday night: if the Eagles win, we’re all emotionally richer (if $50 poorer); if the Giants win, at least you get $45. And if the Eagles win by 1 or 2, well, you’ve hit the jackpot.

(For entertainment purposes only, of course. And yes, you’re allowed to tell me that I’m dirty for this.)

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Link Here | November 4, 2008,

yes very very dirty. Nothing like cheering for a 1 point win vs. your biggest enemy. Also, I’d say your site is less nerdy than FO, so you have that going for you.

Comment by jeffb

Link Here | November 4, 2008,

Whoa whoa whoa. We’re cheering for the Eagles no matter what, and would certainly pay more than the above wager to guarantee a win. I was merely pointing out the potential bonus scenario….

Still, the line is baffling. Giants fans should be insulted, but they can’t be insulted, because they have no souls.

Comment by The Bounty |

Link Here | November 6, 2008,

Ah the “emotional hedge.” My buddy does this all the time, actually… whenever his team (pro football or college hoops) is in a really important game, he’ll put some money down in the opposite direction, so that it eases the pain of loss…
I don’t gamble, but if I did, I don’t think I could ever wager on or against my team–I have so much emotional capital tied up in the result anyway, there’s no reason to leverage it up…while at the the same time I don’t really want the emotional hedge.

Comment by Joe

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