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Dunavin and Dawk display prudent judgment, dislike Giants
Posted on November 6th, 2008 at 12:37 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

As a long-time New York Giants hater — they’re definitely my least favorite team in the NFC East, and I actually rooted for the Pats in the Super Bowl — I have to say the comments from Donovan McNabb and Brian Dawkins regarding the Giants yesterday warmed my soul. That is, I was pleased to see that some of the Eagles’ senior leaders also found the G-Men to be a most disagreeable set of opponents.

First McNabb:

For the better part of ten years, it’s probably at the top of the list for me. I remember, my first couple of years—my first two years actually—I believe we lost nine or ten or eleven in a row to them before we beat them on that Monday night. This rivalry is something that’s been going back and forth. It’s something that everyone knows about. As a player, you definitely understand it as well.

Then Dawk:

For me, what they’ve won has nothing to do with it. I have always had that respect for them. When you step on that field, you know you have to be ready to play when we play this game. You really do. I’m not saying that it’s not that with any other game. For me, this has been my biggest rivalry since I’ve been with the Eagles. I know everybody can’t really stand Dallas, and I understand that, but for me, since I’ve been here, this has been the game that I get up for every time. Big time.

Me too, Dawk, me too!

A brief review of my admittedly immature/ irrational anti-Giants bias: rooted in vague notions of class conflict and second-city jealousies, I resent the arrogance and haughtiness of the entire Giants’ organization: their geriatric and entitled fan base (”Eegads! Our family has had our Giants tickets for generations and we have the dorky blue sweaters to prove it! Why should we have to pay PSLs!”), their privileged status within the league (”extra” home games in 2005 and 2007, the fact that they refer to the stadium they share as “Giants Stadium”), and the mouthiness of their star players (the mantle has passed from Tiki to the always eloquent Antonio Pierce). Maybe it’s because I’ve lived in NYC for a while that these resentments are highlighted, but the Giants and their fairweather, cowardly, soulless fans definitely sit atop the hierarchy of my haterade.

(Yup, name calling. That’s what I’ve got. Giants fans, welcome back!)

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Link Here | November 6, 2008,

Ya know, I’m disappointed in you, Mr. Bounty Bowl. Considering your persistence for detecting uni changes and little idiosyncrasies such as Don’s sneaker change, I was expecting a post on Dawk’s visor-less helmet. Were you not at the game? Did you not notice that the man who is as recognizable for his visor as LT, wasn’t wearing one? Have you had a previous post on this that I’m missing? I hope so, otherwise I’m creating my own cooky, satirical, light-hearted blog on the iggles. And it will smash yours like an axe to a mosquito. Pick it up, son.

Comment by Sundar

Link Here | November 6, 2008,

I am humbled. And rightly so.

(How did I miss this? For shame.)

Comment by The Bounty |

Link Here | November 6, 2008,


Comment by jd |

Link Here | November 6, 2008,

Seahawks game gallery, third page of thumbnails, picture on bottom right:


Looks like a visor to me?

Comment by derek |

Link Here | November 6, 2008,

And while we’re on the topic… Wouldn’t it be cool if the Eagles would set up direct linking to those pictures so we wouldn’t have to steal them and/or provide three sentence descriptions of how to get there?

Comment by derek |

Link Here | November 6, 2008,

Yes to the photos needing individual links, and I’d also like to vote for embeddable video content. I mean, we can’t complain too too much about the Birds’ site — it’s mostly awesome — but it could be a little bit more mashable/ Web 2.0.

(Dude. Did I just write “mashable/ Web 2.0″? Next we’ll be discussing synthesizing Web 3.0 folksonomies….)

Comment by The Bounty |

Link Here | November 7, 2008,

It appears PJDinho has alerted us to the background links (which is what’s required to download the images in Firefox; you can just grab the photos from the photos page in IE).

I thought when they introduced those little boxes in the bottom left that they’d provide the link in there, but no. Extra steps.

I need to post something on the NFL.com “cut your own highlights” — haven’t really had the time to play with that yet.

Comment by The Bounty |

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