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BountyBowl just got a new KPI
Posted on November 12th, 2008 at 2:40 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

We don’t have too too many success metrics here at BountyBowl beyond “acquire readers outside of my immediate circle of friends,” but I think that’s going to have to change.

According to a piece in this morning’s Inky, the Eagles actually use an internet filter to block web sites from the press box at Lincoln Financial Field:

Unlike many organizations, the Eagles apparently don’t trust the media to make responsible decisions with the Internet service provided in the Linc’s press box. Perhaps to save us from ourselves, they employ a filter that precludes journalists from viewing a shocking assortment of Web sites. How Orwellian of them.

Naturally, all gambling and pornography pages are barred. No surprise there (though it’s a touch disappointing). Curiously, the media are also prevented from accessing a staggering number of entirely reputable or innocuous sites.

Slate, Politico and The Nation are prohibited. Deadspin, Kissing Suzy Kolber and The Big Lead are all banned. Bleeding Green Nation is forbidden, and Top 100 Bloggers (which merely links to a number of blogs) is also off-limits. A few other sites that have been deemed verboten by the Eagles’ manipulation machine: Facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Flickr, Google Finance, Gawker and AOL Instant Messenger.

Strangely, The 700 Level - one of the most critical, well-read local blogs - has not been blacklisted by the Eagles. That’s a little like locking up your house before going to sleep but forgetting to retrieve the spare key from under the mat.

WHUH?????  They’re blocking sites and I didn’t make the list?  What, they don’t FEAR THE BOUNTY and his 87 page views?  Eagles Internet Filter, you will RUE THE DAY you spurned BOUNTY!  I MUST MAKE THIS LIST!  I MUST!

(A theory here: I would guess that the Linc is maybe on the same local network as the NovaCare Complex, and that the Eagles block those sites so that employees — including players? — don’t screw around at work.  We’ll even give them the benefit of the doubt and say that the rules for the marketing department are different, and that they have unfiltered access to the web.  Even so, BountyBowl does not approve of these sorts of filters in the workplace, especially one that’s this dependent on the web (for marketing, for community building, for PR, etc.).  I actually thought that the Eagles were pretty clever and forward-thinking on the business end of things.  Huh.  Maybe they were.  In 2002.)

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Link Here | November 14, 2008,

Don’t worry - I’ll do my best to get you on that list. I’ll open-close your page continually during my regularly scheduled 8 hour work day; this could add triple digits to your hit count. Then I’ll send whohisname at philadelphiaeagles.com a stream of e-mails using the formula, “This morning at BountyBowl.com, I read (insert something fascinating). Would you care to comment?”

We can do it - we can get you on that list.

Comment by Phil

Link Here | November 14, 2008,

Perhaps suggestions that I’ve posted nekkid photos of Andy Reid? You know, whatever works.

Comment by The Bounty |

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