What Would Buddy Do?
Injured Eagles rookie likes to party, he likes the nightlife; a long-awaited Eagles scandal?
Posted on November 13th, 2008 at 9:27 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

PFT is posting some naughty news regarding injured Eagles rookie Jack Ikegwuonu. There was apparently a photo posted to Ikegwuonu’s sister’s Facebook page that included Ikegwuonu and sundry drug paraphernalia.

Check out the photo here.

Florio has some opinions on the sister’s claims in re: Photoshop and details on the team’s response:

But we post the photo and identify the player with this disclaimer — the picture appeared on the Facebook page of his younger sister, and she has since claimed that she Photoshopped it. (An if it’s truly Photoshopped, then we should fire Taco Bill and hire her.)

We’re also told that the player is not in trouble with his team. (That said, another source said that the picture was taken down only after the team became aware of it.)

My questions and talking points:

1. Who is Florio’s source at the NovaCare complex? I can imagine Joe Banner sitting in his office, scheming a plan to catch this treasonist!

2. Is this true? What happens if it isn’t? Is Florio accountable somehow?

3. Will someone ask Andy Reid about this in the Friday presser?

4. A Facebook scandal? How very Web 2.0/ Tween of the Eagles!

In any case, the Eagles look like they have a little scandal brewing, and in the case of an Eagles player being involved, it has certainly been a while!

(At this point a scandal is actually preferred to more wallowing in the team’s pattern of failures. Bring it on.)

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