What Would Buddy Do?
Completely absurd/ only-in-Philly question of the week
Posted on November 14th, 2008 at 5:36 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

This was an unexpected treat: at Andy Reid’s Friday presser, a reporter suggested that certain segments of the fan-base didn’t appreciate that Donovan McNabb was spotted smiling, backslapping, and otherwise socializing with Giants players after the game. I did my best to transcribe the questions below (and I have no idea who asked it):

“One of the things that fans were angry about after the Giants game was that they saw Donovan talking to the Giants guys and kind of smiling and smacking people on the back and so forth. Do you have a policy or a viewpoint on what’s appropriate in situations like that?”

Reid then summoned a heavy pause and a healthy helping of the icy-cold stare of death before offering a one-word answer: “No.”

In other words, the question was, “Coach Reid, the fans really hate the Giants. Like, a lot. Seriously. You should see the message boards. And some of them seemed a bit displeased that your quarterback — whose continued career here in Philadelphia hinges on his own success in primetime division games like this one — wasn’t visibly consumed with a comparable level of disappointment and hatred following the Giants game, and even had the audacity to interact with the Giants in a professional and sportsmanlike manner. Do you have a formal policy about how much your players need to hate the other team? You know, to set the right sort of example for the kids?”

Note that this was a full five days after the game, McNabb himself had commented on how badly he’d taken the loss in his pressers and on his blog, and the Birds are getting on a plane for Cincy tomorrow. AND YET, we’re still worried that the quarterback isn’t committed enough to hating the Giants because he actually acted like an adult!

We love ya, Philly media! We do!

(Somewhat disappointingly, the transcription folks at pe.com made little effort to capture the full question and only offered the following: “On whether he has a policy on the appropriate attitude for a player following a game: ‘No.’” BOOOO!)

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