What Would Buddy Do?
At least there’s no more Illusion of Competence; it’s actually better this way
Posted on November 23rd, 2008 at 8:06 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

So when I last checked in, the Birds were down 10-7.  I was following the game on my phone, sitting on the tarmac, and I texted my brother to ask him if the commentators were talking about a potential McNabb benching.

Perhaps!  A benching and then some!

I haven’t seen the game yet, but have already caught up on the meta-narrative in the pressers and the papers.  I’m intrigued by the story regarding the manner in which the quarterback change was communicated (you really didn’t talk to either of them about it, Andy?), but the bigger story is that it’s all over. Reid-McNabb-Dawkins is over.  I’m not interested in offering my take on their obit quite yet (plenty of time for that in December), but can I admit that the 36-7 score that I saw on my phone when my plane touched down at EWR was actually very freeing?

It’s done.  This group of guys is finally done.  The three fraudulent wins tacked on the end of last season’s 5-8 effort snookered us into thinking these guys might have one more go in them.  Nope.  Today was their last chance to convince me that I could get excited about the 2008 season, and they blew it in the most spectacular way possible.  The Emperor weighs close to 400 pounds, and he is nekkid as the day he was born.

(In my head, I envisioned a close win against Baltimore, then a short week with an opponent who had to handle a cross-country flight then some extra time off before the Giants — yup, I’m a sucker.)

Whew.  We don’t have to worry about this season or this team anymore.  The fraud is over.  Now we can discuss ENDGAME.

I’m definitely in the blame-Andy camp, though I acknowledge that Donovan McNabb is done in Philly (he’ll be a much happier person for it).  The thing that distresses me (mostly because it’s what’s going to happen), is that they’ll rationalize this season as being somehow about Dunavin and a hurt Westbrook and insist that they were just a little bit off.  They’ll fire Mornhinweg and Heckert and Andy Reid will be back leading the circus next summer, pretending the poor roster design and game planning isn’t his fault.

It’s 2008.  I’m ready for change.  Seems to be the thing these days.

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Is there an Obama curse? Eagles, 0-2-1 since the Messiah ascended.

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