What Would Buddy Do?
At this point, why would we boo McNabb Thursday?
Posted on November 25th, 2008 at 11:43 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

I was admittedly a little baffled by the question at the end of Andy Reid’s Monday presser regarding the potential fan reaction to Donovan McNabb on Thursday night:

On whether it concerns him that McNabb might not be well-received by the fans Thursday: “You can’t worry about all that, man. You take care of what you can control and you get rid of the ‘if’s’ and you play.”

Seriously, though, why would we boo McNabb?  I mean, beyond the standard he-threw-an-incompletion-on-third-down sort of thing.  Even if the guy is done in Philly (and he is), isn’t our anger better directed at the general manager and architect of this failing offense?  Booing the quarterback won’t make the offensive line any younger/ better, it won’t make a healthy running back or a real fullback materialize on the roster, and it won’t improve the playcalling.

I dunno, call me naive, but I actually think Philly might just skip past Donovan as a whipping boy for this ongoing disaster.  This is not to say they/ we won’t boo on Thursday night — we will — but I think we’re bright enough as a group to realize that the whole team deserves our scorn, not just the quarterback.

(I’m being naive, aren’t I.)

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Link Here | November 25, 2008,

I’m sure they’ll either introduce the defense or just come out as a team on Thursday to lessen the chance of a huge BOOOO for McNabb as he’s introduced.

I don’t see the point in starting him now — might as well look to the future. But I’ll enjoy what will probably be my last chance to see McNabb, one of my favorite ever Eagles players, in green. (Not to mention Dawk, sadly)

(Debating McNabb vs. Dawkins jersey)

Comment by BrianS

Link Here | November 25, 2008,

Yeah, they’ll definitely introduce the defense. Good call.

It’ll be tough to see Dawk go as well.

We’ll have a long month of obits to write around here.

Comment by Cheesesteak Hoagie |

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