What Would Buddy Do?
Shawn Andrews returns, offers predictably goofy quotes
Posted on December 2nd, 2008 at 10:27 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

With no day-after Andy Reid presser, the Monday story at the NovaCare Complex was the return of erstwhile Pro Bowler Shawn Andrews from his Southern California surgery and convalescence.

As we have come to expect from Andrews, his media interactions approximated those of some sort of heavily mustached “free spirit” relief pitcher from the mid-70s, including descriptions of his diet plan (pescatarian — meaning fish but no red meat or chicken) and his favorite meal at the California Pizza Kitchen:

“It was kind of lonely out there,” said Andrews Monday, back at the NovaCare Complex for the first time since mid-October. “It was lonely and boring.

“Just sit in the hotel kicking back and go to California Pizza Kitchen, have a Cobb salad with no chicken, bacon or avocado, with herb ranch dressing, tortilla soup, and a margarita pizza with mushrooms, green peppers and pineapples. Then go back for dinner and have the same thing.

“Every day. That’s all I did. I was at CPK so much they started giving me every third meal free. They even gave me my own parking space.”

His own parking space, huh?  Sounds like some sort crappie indie film (injured millionaire football star finds peace and solace at chain restaurant, changes direction of life, finds true love).  Though I can agree with him about Marina Del Rey.  I stayed their once on an LA trip for work, and it was pretty beat.  On the water, sure, but beat.

The positive news seemed to be that he was in decent shape and hadn’t packed on a ton of pounds.  The bad news seemed to be suggested by his comments regarding his relationship with some of his teammates:

“My offensive line, they’ve been struggling, and it’s tough to not be able to be here and struggle with them,” Andrews said. “If I were them, I’d probably have some kind of feelings toward me, but I can’t do anything about the back surgery.”

If you asked me to guess and triangulate a bit, I’d guess he’s referring to comments like this one from Jon Runyan.

Also, given that he’s admitted he hasn’t done any sort of physical activity beyond walking for the past five weeks, well, I just can’t believe that the Birds haven’t stuck him on IR.  I appreciate their confidence, but, um, this guy ain’t playing this year.

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Link Here | December 2, 2008,

he’ll be active for our Feb 3rd game.

Comment by Jeff

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