What Would Buddy Do?
Donovan McNabb aspires to gun ownership, plays coy about the contents of his estate
Posted on December 3rd, 2008 at 6:00 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

In what was best described as childbirth-and-handgun day at the NovaCare Complex, Donovan McNabb accepted congrats on the birth of his twins (boy and a girl, no names yet, but we’re pulling for “Donovan Jr.” and “Donovina”) and reluctantly fielded Plaxico Burress questions.

While Donovan doesn’t yet own a gun of his own, he isn’t ruling it out:

“As far as carrying one, I don’t have a gun. Not to say that I will not get one. It would be registered if I did. But I don’t have any comment.”

I don’t have a gun either, Donovan.  And I also like to keep an open mind about things — a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of small minds, after all!

The weird thing is that the Eagles QB actually seemed to take the Plax thing a bit seriously, at least in the context of players fearing for their safety (and given the number of NFL guys who’ve been victims of holdups over the past couple years, he actually isn’t wrong to be afraid — especially with a recently expanded family at home):

“Obviously, we all know what happened to (former Redskins FS) Sean Taylor. And then now, people are talking about the Plaxico incident where (Giants WR) Steve Smith, I believe, was held at gunpoint. And he’s not the first and not the last. I remember a teammate of mine (in college), (Dolphins CB) Will Allen who was with the Giants, it happened to him. I think people need to look more into security because some people just kind of have that mindset of ‘I’m going to go after this guy and take his money and take his jewelry’ and you never know what it can lead to.”

Of course, we weren’t buying his bullsh*t about what may or may not be in his home:

“Now, if you go into someone’s house, that’s on you. I mean, you’re not just going to walk into my house freely either. I’m not saying what’s in my house, but I know that you’re not going to get it. You might get something else.”

Dude, we already know what’s in your house.  It’s a big white piano, some awkard-looking suits and a bunch of creepy statues.  I mean, duh.

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Link Here | December 4, 2008,

Oh my goodness. I thought you were teasing about the big white piano, the awkward suits and creepy statues.

Comment by Phil

Link Here | December 4, 2008,

As regards Donovan McNabb’s taste in pianos, I _never_ kid.

Comment by The Bounty |

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