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Rick Reilly’s “Duhnovan”? FAIL
Posted on December 4th, 2008 at 11:51 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

As noted in my little delicious newsfeed over yonder, I believe that yesterday’s Rick Reilly ESPN link — in which he quizzed a set of NFL players on various game rules ostensibly in defense of Donovan McNabb — was the first time I’d ever linked to a Rick Reilly story.

We won’t take issue with Mr. Reilly and his work at a macro level, other than to say it really isn’t for us (that is, we’re not 50-year-old suburban SUV drivers who eat regularly at the Olive Garden and favor corporate golf shirts tucked into our Target jeans, not to put too fine a point on it…), and good for him for pulling down so much cash as top dog amongst the blathertariat.

However, we will take issue with his irresponsible spelling of Donovan McNabb’s first name.  That is, in reference to Mr. McNabb, he cheekily dubbed him “Duhnovan.”  I don’t know if this was meant to emphasize the “Duh” part of McNabb not knowing the rules around ties, but I do know that Reilly is treading on dangerous ground here.

That is, the proper misspelling of “Donovan” is “Dunavin.”  Done.  Baked.  Completed.  Patented by BountyBowl on July 20th 2007.  Mr. Reilly, feel free to follow up with me directly if you have any additional questions or concerns.


In re: the “Dunavin” thing, I don’t know that I’ve ever offered an explanation, so here goes: “Dunavin” is my best representation of the Official Terrell Owens ™ pronunciation of “Donovan.”  As in, “I don’t hate Dunavin, I never hated Dunavin.”  Given that other folks seem to actually call McNabb “Don” — emphasizing the short “o” sound — the TO version always charmed me.

Also, in the grander scheme of “I like to pretend that these guys aren’t actual people and are just characters on a TV show,” using a fake name makes me feel better about this whole BountyBowl enterprise.  That is, I feel like less of a jerk making up nonsense about an imaginary TV character than I do a decent-seeming guy who has three kids and takes a whole load of sh*t from the blathertariat, including me.

So there you go.

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