What Would Buddy Do?
Brian Westbrook explains the best play of the season (to date)
Posted on December 9th, 2008 at 2:24 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Definitely worth checking out Brian Westbrook’s post-game presser if you’re interested in hearing his explanation of how his 40-yard touchdown catch came together.  While the folks at PE.com have been a little bit lax in posting the full transcript (they’re usually pretty good, so this was a little bit of a bummer), I dutifully took notes (below).

Here’s B-West’s description of the play:

it was one of those plays I was actually supposed to go right up the middle.  But at that point DeSean had cleared the safety out and cleared the cornerback out, and I saw a big hole there so I just kind of ad-libbed a little bit and Don found me.  And I had told him before that if he could find me I could have an opportunity to score.

A couple things here:

1.  Extremely cool that this wasn’t actually designed for the back to run to the presumably empty side of the field.  And that Westbrook (and then McNabb) figured out where the space was and pounced.  File under the part where Andy Reid is always talking about how bright Westbrook is about football.  Umm, yup.

2.  Young DeSean didn’t have a catch Sunday, but that apparently wasn’t because he wasn’t on the field or a target.  From Westbrook’s description, it sounds like the Giants were paying plenty of attention to the CamelCased One.  Huh.

3.  Without naming names in the presser, we can only assume that “find me” = “when I’m covered by that jerk Antonio Pierce, we should definitely give me the ball because I shouldn’t have trouble scoring a touchdown.”

4.  And to have this be the play that enabled Westbrook to become the Eagles’ all-time leader in yards from scrimmage?  Puh-retty sweet.

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Link Here | December 10, 2008,

play of the year indeed.

however, over the past few seasons, i still love westbrook kneeling at the one. i still use this a metaphor for being a team player and unselfishness.

Comment by jd |

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