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Eagles - Browns Game Preview: The Audacity of a Little Town Called Keeping Hope Alive
Posted on December 15th, 2008 at 1:52 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Among the many positive outcomes following last Sunday’s trip to the Meadowlands was an exciting mobile computing scenario whereby we bought tickets for tonight’s game on the car ride home from New Jersey.  We’d been monitoring tickets all week (cheap these days!) hoping we’d have a reason to buy in (and no, we probably wouldn’t have signed up for this sort of trip on a school night had this been Kevin Kolb’s first start).  The Eagles obliged, and the credit card was thusly handed to the good folks at Stubhub.

Given that we’re taking the field trip down to Philly this evening and we still have the pesky day job, see below for an unfortunately abbreviated game preview.  What I’ll be shouting about:

Run-The-Ball-Andy meme in full effect.  With rain now in the forecast (booooo), there’s even more reason to expect that the Birds will follow their success on the ground over the past few weeks with a focus on the running game.  FO has the Browns at 18 against the pass and 21 against the run, so there’s a slight incentive to focus a bit more on running.  Also the Eagles will get Buckhalter back in the lineup.  But, well, this is Andy Reid.  We can’t be shocked if the Birds come out chucking it.

Eagles Primetime Evil still lurks.  I’m not willing to believe that the Arizona game (the Eagles’ first primetime win after seven nighttime losses in a row) breaks the Birds’ jinx.  Equally creepy is the part where the Browns have actually played well on Monday nights this year (including a win against the Giants).  I dunno.  Let’s hope that Thanksgiving was the inflection point on this graph.

Frightening levels of health.  So Buck’s back, Curtis is going to play post-concussion (don’t worry, you didn’t need those brain cells, mental health later in life is totally overrated), and pretty much everyone on defense is good to go?  Save for the right guard spot, the Eagles are very very blessed to be this healthy in Week 15.  Eliminates a lot of excuses, doesn’t it.

Former Eagles on the Browns.  It’ll be nice to see Hank Fraley and Donte Stallworth out there tonight.  I wonder if Fraley can offer some illuminating comments about who was and wasn’t puking in the Browns’ huddle?  That’d be sweet!

My own tale of imaginary football woe.  So I’ve got my West Coast semi-final this week, and this is the team where I went all-in on the Birds offense: I start both B-West and Dunavin.  I knew I’d be down a bunch going into tonight, but I also knew that there was the potential for a big swing with McNabb and Westbrook against a lame-duck Browns squad.  Unfortunately, my opponent scooped up the Birds’ defense (he already had DeSean Jackson), neutralizing a lot of the potential drama tonight.  BOOOO.  I’m sure you all care very deeply about this.

Final score prediction.  Don’t think I haven’t considered the horrors of a Birds’ bed-pooping this evening.  That’ll be a long, wet, and miserable drive home if we don’t get a result.  But even the most misanthropic Negadelphian inside me can’t buy the Birds blowing this one.  I think they’ll roll: Eagles 35, Browns 10.

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