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Your Peter King moment
Posted on December 15th, 2008 at 2:01 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

The KSK guys got to this already, but wow, this was a doozy from this morning’s Peter King column:

Philadelphia 33, Cleveland 13. The old dog, Andy Reid, has learned a new trick: running the ball. In the Eagles’ last three games, Donovan McNabb has thrown it 87 times and Brian Westbrook has run it 69 times. Contrast that to the previous three games, when the Eagles won just once: McNabb 137 throws, Westbrook 47 runs.

You don’t win with McNabb, or anyone, throwing it 46 times a game. And you don’t win letting Westbrook carry it 16 times a game.

I’d be shocked if Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg go back to throwing it 65 or 70 percent of the time. Ever. And certainly not tonight against a team they ought to be able to beat into submission. (Emphasis mine.)

“Shocked,” Peter?  Period ever period?  Really?  Ever is a strong term: would you care to place a wager?  As in, you bet me that the Eagles will never again throw the ball more than 65 percent of their offensive plays in a single game?  And I get your house when it happens?  Like next week?


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Link Here | December 15, 2008,

Ah, The National Media, who continues to earn a living making thinly researched claims while maintaining the pretentious voice of feigned expertise. I grant that it must be hard to cover all of the bases while writing a column that is supposed to encompass the entire NFL, but this is a bit ridiculous. Sorry Petey, you must not know the Andy Reid I do. What’s your next big theory, that Andy will convert to Catholicism?

Comment by The Pattison Pundit |

Link Here | December 15, 2008,

Could not have said it more eloquently than Pattison Pundit.

I understand King works on a tight deadline for MMQB and thus has limited opportunities to review and confirm all assumptions, proclamations and the like. Yet each week he throws out a bunch of “I’ve never seen this” or “No player has ever done this” claims that are easily refuted by the fans of the team/player in question.

My issue: King has arguably the best access of any reporter out there in terms of contacts from league officials to front office to players. And that’s all his column offers: the virtues of that access. He could use that access and pen a really great Tuesday or Wednesday column but chooses not to do so.

Comment by Thorles

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