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Put a BOUNTY on the Kevin Kolb jersey
Posted on December 17th, 2008 at 12:08 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

And now for the Kevin Kolb post.  Or at least the post about his jersey.

Initial disclaimer: we do not know nearly enough about Kevin Kolb to evaluate his talent/ potential as a future starting quarterback for the Eagles.  A couple pick-sixes notwithstanding, we’re going to need to see a lot more from him before we can either (a) hand him the keys to the car or (b) blow him out the airlock (not to mix metaphors).  He could be fantastic, he could be a failure, we just don’t know.  We hope (obviously) that he can play.

Today I just want to talk about the misanthropic malcontents who wear a Kevin Kolb jersey to Lincoln Financial Field in 2008 (note that I saw two (2) of said jerseys Monday night).  While I’m certainly open to alternate explanations, this is how I imagine the decision to first purchase and then wear the Kevin Kolb shirt plays out in the mind of the owner:

I really, really, really hate Donovan McNabb.  A lot.  It isn’t that McNabb isn’t my favorite player, or that I admire another player (say, Brian Dawkins or Brian Westbrook) more than McNabb, it’s that I really detest number 5.  Like, a lot.  It’s his fault we lost the Super Bowl, Rush Limbaugh was right, and this team will never win anything until he’s run out of town.

As a result, I’ve decided to pick up this nifty Kevin Kolb jersey.  I mean, sure, unless I’m a member of Kolb’s immediate family or a big Conference USA football fan (unlikely), I’ve never seen Kevin Kolb play a full game of football.  No matter.  So concentrated and focused is my loathing for Donovan McNabb that I’ve chosen to sport his ostensible replacement’s jersey (custom made for about US$300 as it’s not currently available for sale the Eagles store, though you can find them other places for a little cheaper).

Someone suggested that I was cleverly getting in early on the Kolb shirt, but it doesn’t really work like that — it’s not this is a hot start-up and you get a discount for buying guys on the bench.  Nope.  I just wanted to be sure that folks knew where I stood on Donovan McNabb, and if it costs me a few bucks, so be it.

In fact, I’m so eager for folks to know where I stand on McNabb that I actually buy tickets to the games and wear my Kevin Kolb jersey as an act of passive-aggressive protest: “I hate you, Donovan, I hate you, and I want everyone in this stadium to know how much I hate you.”

Never mind that he’s the starting quarterback for my favorite team and the success of the starting quarterback tends to correlate pretty highly with the success of the team.  That’s not my concern.  My concern is letting the world know that Donovan McNabb is a big loser and that I am the sort of discerning football fan who has recognized that fact.

Go Birds (except, of course, for the full avoidance of doubt, Donovan McNabb — he can go suck a phat one).

Thus shall I declare that we PUT A BOUNTY on the Kevin Kolb jersey.

Okay, 37 readers of BountyBowl.  Someone explain this to me.  I’m willing to listen.  Why wear the Kevin Kolb jersey?  Note that I’ve left the topic of race out of the discussion to date, but don’t be afraid to go there (BountyBowl is not afraid to acknowledge the role that race plays in the Philly fans’ relationship with Donovan McNabb).

Comments so far:

Link Here | December 17, 2008,

Maybe they just tought it would be a better long term investment than that TO jersey.

Comment by FrankM

Link Here | December 17, 2008,

The one defense I could think of for a Kolb jersey-buyer (I own 2 McNabb jerseys and 0 Kolb jerseys, myself) is that the drafting of Kolb was interpreted by a good portion of the fanbase and possibly including some within the Eagles organization that the Donovan McNabb era is drawing to close.

I bought my first McNabb jersey, which was my first Eagles jersey ever, in August 1999, hoping that I could get many years of wear out of it (and I did, t hank you very much). Likewise, perhaps these persons have hoped that in getting the jersey of the assumed next franchise QB of the team, they’ve made a good long-term jersey investment.

However, I didn’t realize they weren’t available in the Eagles’ store, and had to be custom-made. That seems ridiculous. I wonder if they were being sold at normal prices after 2007 draft. Now that the Donovan McNabb era seems like it will go on at least into next season and Kevin Kolb looks like (albeit in an admittedly limited sample size) Kevin Krapp, it might not have been the wisest purchase either way.

However it was procured, the Kolb jersey seems to be a poor choice to wear to the game. “I’m going to wear the jersey of a backup who will only play under either tragic or garbage-time circumstances.” Sure, I wore my new McNabb jersey to a game that Doug Pederson started. But we all knew he was just a temporary place-holder and McNabb was the QB of the future. I guess it’s not so much the owning of a Kolb jersey that I find strange, it’s the “this is the one you decided to wear to the game?”

Sure, McNabb could have busted. My friend has a Hoying jersey that he still wears for our annual football game. But buying a McNabb jersey during the Pederson “era” and buying a Kolb jersey, when there’s still a franchise QB plying his trade in town, seems odd.

If McNabb’s traded in the offseason, I’ll understand if a lot of #4 jerseys are sold. Personally, I think I’ll wait this time around, just to make sure he’s good.

Comment by BrianS

Link Here | December 17, 2008,

dude, you are funny. i read a lot of eagles blogs regularly, and i like your style, angle, bent etc

Comment by wetdentist

Link Here | December 17, 2008,

@BrianS +1

Comment by Cheesesteak Hoagie |

Link Here | December 17, 2008,

Excellent points about the Kolb jersey, including in the comments.

I am truly bothered by Kolb jerseys at the stadium — to me, wearing that to a game in which you need #5 to do well to keep playoff hopes alive is akin to rooting for McNabb to have a poor showing, with Kolb to be inserted, a la the Ravens game. Maybe that’s not exactly what a fan of Kolb wants, but wearing the backup QB’s jersey (whether he be the heir to the throne or not) signifies that to me.

I get the point from BrianS about wanting to be early in having the next franchise star’s jersey, and showing support from the get go. And I also agree that wearing the jersey while McNabb is out there playing is far different from when McNabb was sitting, waiting for Pederson to finish his fill-in schtick.

I fully believe that someone who wants to be early with the jersey I guess should buy it, but then shouldn’t pull it out in the stadium.

It reminds me of a tale told be some guy sitting next to me at training camp this year. He was telling his buddy about how he bought his daughter for Christmas the jersey she’s wanted… a Kevin Kolb jersey. And now, she wears it for every game, boos McNabb and wants her guy in there. I guess he sort of got what he deserved in opening that can of worms… but in my mind these sorts of things send the wrong message.

Jersey-nomics can be sometimes very strange, and reflective of fan undercurrents. During the Garcia playoff run, I was shopping in a Chestnut Hill sports store and looked through the discount rack. Among the Eagles castoffs and underperformers (I don’t remember exactly who was there, perhaps Corey Simon, or perhaps Kearse) that were expected to be in the low sales, along with one surprising castoff–a green #5 jersey. Very odd. Understandably, after being injured in Game 10, McNabb was not the number one choice of buyers, while Garcia was taking the birds on his shoulders and to the playoffs. But the bargain bin? I think I paid $35 bucks for that high quality jersey and have happily worn it since.

Comment by Joe Z

Link Here | December 17, 2008,

Maybe they’re family members of Kolb? Or Houston grads? Avid wild pig hunters?

Those are probably the only 3 acceptable reasons for wearing the Kolb jersey.

Comment by JasonB |

Link Here | December 17, 2008,

I can understand buying a Kolb jersey if you somehow want to “buy in” at the ground level, like BrianS did with 5.

But I refuse to believe that those dudes sporting the Kolb jerseys to the game on Sunday don’t have another jersey to wear. Anyone who buys a Kolb jersey has an intimate relationship with the Birds… they have a Dawkins jersey. They have a Westbrook jersey. And their relationship with the Birds is close enough to know what wearing that thing to a game means.

So yeah, they are cheering for McNabb to fail.

Comment by BFH |

Link Here | December 18, 2008,

Good place to remark that I’m glad my brother talked me out of pulling the trigger on that Tony Hunt jersey last year? Or no?

Comment by Derek |

Link Here | December 18, 2008,

No no, the Tony Hunt shirt would have been tight. You had the PSU fandom, and we all appreciate special teamer shirts (like the Quintin Demps shirt we saw on the walk into the stadium on Monday).

Again, it was the official uniform pants that would have been a bridge too far.

Comment by The Bounty |

Link Here | December 18, 2008,

Why can’t some eagles fans see that McNabb is clearly the man? What are these people thinking? He was the man when the team drafted him, he is the man today and he will be the man next year. Sure it hasnt all been great and I have nothing bad to say about Kevin Kolb, but #5 is our guy. Any other talk is nothing short of treason.
On opening Day next year, if McNabb is in another teams uniform and Kevin Kolb is starting for the birds, my head will spontaneously explode like the Nazi’s at the end of raiders of the lost arc.

Comment by James

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