What Would Buddy Do?
One more, because I couldn’t help it (Peter King bonus!)
Posted on December 21st, 2008 at 9:13 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

74.19 percent.

That’s what 46 passing plays and 16 running plays — the Eagles’ play selection this afternoon — gets you as the percentage of passing plays called.

This is what professional journalist Peter King said about the Eagles less than a week ago:

Philadelphia 33, Cleveland 13. The old dog, Andy Reid, has learned a new trick: running the ball. In the Eagles’ last three games, Donovan McNabb has thrown it 87 times and Brian Westbrook has run it 69 times. Contrast that to the previous three games, when the Eagles won just once: McNabb 137 throws, Westbrook 47 runs.

You don’t win with McNabb, or anyone, throwing it 46 times a game. And you don’t win letting Westbrook carry it 16 times a game.

I’d be shocked if Reid and offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg go back to throwing it 65 or 70 percent of the time. Ever. And certainly not tonight against a team they ought to be able to beat into submission. (Emphasis mine.)

And then this is what I said about that:

“Shocked,” Peter?  Period ever period?  Really?  Ever is a strong term: would you care to place a wager?  As in, you bet me that the Eagles will never again throw the ball more than 65 percent of their offensive plays in a single game?  And I get your house when it happens?  Like next week?

Uh huh.  No word yet on whether I get his house.

In all fairness, Peter was right about one thing: you don’t win when you throw it 46 times and run it 16 times (though only 12 of those were Westbrook).  Nice work with the math, Peter!

(Also, the fact that the math did work out so neatly only adds to my earlier convictions in re: the Platonic ideal of a Bad Eagles Loss.)

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Link Here | December 22, 2008,

The Eagles remind me of when I would watch professional wrestling as a young lad. There would always be that wrestler that everyone was pulling for, the good guy, so to speak. Early in the match, everything would be even, blows would be exchanged equally by both parties. But then, the bad guy would take control, and it would seem like your guy would never recover. But then, somehow, he would find life, and surge back - only to get smacked in the back by the bad guy’s buddy with a chair, or he would waltz right into the bad guy’s finishing move. The Eagles had surged back this year…and in Washington, they ran (well, passed really) right into the Rock Bottom. Ouch.

Comment by The Pattison Pundit |

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