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Posted on December 23rd, 2008 at 4:27 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

I was actually going to do a post where I just listed and linked all the articles in the local papers about how many times the Eagles threw the ball on Sunday, and how each and every one of those sportswriters is bored of the Run-The-Ball-Andy meme.

Then I realized that not only was I sick of reading those same stories, but I’m also sick of my meta-critiques of the abundance of said stories.  (Also, it would have actually taken too many alt-tab-ctrl-c-ctrl-v keystrokes to actually link them all, and I’m feeling lazy.  Seriously, I counted and we got to double digits very quickly.)

Instead, I’d like to take a moment to reflect on the profound cruelty of last night’s Chicago - Green Bay game.  My takeaways/ reflections:

1. How do I allow myself to get so agitated about a game where the exact placement of the ball between downs is both (a) absolutely essential to deciding the outcome of the game and (b) maddeningly imprecise.  Did the Bears really get that first down?  Did they?  They need to get lasers in that shiznit stat.  How has Vegas not gotten this done yet?  Don’t they have a vote?

2.  I know, I know, DeSean Jackson is a rookie.  But so is Matt Forte, and Matt Forte made all the plays he needed to at the end of that game to give his team a great chance to win.  He did not wilt under pressure; he embraced it.  I’m just saying.

3.  Whilst craizer things have certainly happened in the NFL, there was something especially mean-spirited about the ending of the Bears game last night.  Not that it really actually mattered for the Birds, but I had convinced myself that it did, and the way it all went down (the blocked FG?  the penalty on the first drive of overtime?) just felt all too appropriate.  OF COURSE the Bears were going to win in the most improbable fashion possible!  Of course!

Posts are going to be a bit slow over the next couple days.  Duty calls.  Just remember — Phillies World Series DVDs make GREAT gifts.

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Link Here | December 25, 2008,

If it’s any comfort, I lost a fantasy football final on Forte’s TD and OT runs…by 2.10 points. Probably not any comfort, but I agree with the “maddeningly imprecise” spotting.

Of course we won a Super Bowl with the help of the Tuck Rule (and illegal video taping!) so I shouldn’t complain about the vagaries of the NFL rulebook.

Comment by Thorles

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