What Would Buddy Do?
Well this seems to be an appropriate time to speculate about Andy Reid’s future
Posted on December 31st, 2008 at 12:55 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

As Derek has ably noted, the Shanahan firing last night was pretty surprising.  Were it not for the collapse in Tampa, Andy Reid looks a lot like Mike Shanahan: single point of authority with a great career record who’s had a couple tough seasons (not terrible, just mediocre).

So sure, it makes you think a bit.

But despite the fact that Ray Didinger his own self has suggested that Andy Reid might be interested in a leave of absence after this season, I’m not sure I’m on board with the Deep-Throat-style speculation in Bob Grotz’s column this morning:

Unless I’ve misread everything gleaned from sources this season, there’s a pretty good chance Reid will decide this is his last year as head coach of the Eagles.

Making such a choice on his terms would be priceless, for some believe he’s a yes-man for upper management.

It sounds like head coach/executive vice president of football operations Reid and his supervisors have had just enough conflict over some personnel decisions that a change would be good for both sides. From the information available to me, it would seem some of the micro-managing may even have undermined the coach. You can’t un-ring the bell, as they say on “Law and Order.” [Emphasis mine.]

We’ll overlook the part where we should be focusing on this week’s game (though it’s a clever strategy from Grotz to get his conspiracy theories on the record early) and try to parse all of this.  So if Grotz has heard that Reid is tussling with his superiors, that can only mean two people, right?  Joe Banner and Jeffrey Lurie.  And I can’t imagine that Lurie has detailed opinions about personnel beyond the stars.  So that mostly means Joe Banner and Andy Reid aren’t getting along?

I mean, sure.  I don’t know anyone who works for the Eagles, so this could be true.

But I don’t know about about there being a “pretty good chance” — a much simpler theory (currently favored by 7.5 over Andy Reid stepping down) is that the Birds made the playoffs, and Andy Reid + Dunavin are most definitely back for 2009.

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Link Here | December 31, 2008,

Ok, I read through it twice and I still don’t find a scrap of evidence to support his thesis. I see plenty of handwaving and hyper-speculation, but those are some lean gleanings.

And if there’s been conflict over personnel decisions, isn’t the fact that Heckert’s name is being linked to just about every available job on the market a sign that the dissatisfaction might be a bit greater two doors down?

How incredibly ironic would it be, though, if we spent all this time bitching about Andy’s personnel track record and meanwhile someone else has pulled those strings?

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