What Would Buddy Do?
Andy Reid eats when stressed. You don’t say.
Posted on January 3rd, 2009 at 9:21 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Ashley Fox offered a rather alarmist (at least from Tammy Reid’s perspective) walk down memory lane in the Philly papers this morning regarding Andy Reid and Brad Childress’s relationship and history.  Whilst these two guys might be buddies, Childress doesn’t seem to have mastered the art of saying absolutely nothing/ revealing no details in interviews.  In fact, Childress was more than happy to discuss Big Red’s health openly:

“There are two stand-alone factors in heart disease: smoking and obesity,” Childress said the other day, sitting in his office at the Minnesota Vikings’ practice facility in suburban Minneapolis. “Forget everything else. Your ticker can be good, blood pressure good, but those are separate drags on the spectrum.

“It’s amazing the discipline [Reid has] in every other area, but you’ve got to bend somehow, I guess, and that’s it. I hear him breathing through it. I hear the same thing, and it’s scary.”

Oh, so you’re saying Andy Reid is overweight and is a bit of a mouth breather?  Well well well.  You’re kind of bald and fugly looking!  So you’re not perfect either!

Childress also gave Fox a nice compare-and-contrast on the two men’s respective vices:

Childress used to smoke. Who knows why he started? Maybe it was stress or a mid-life crisis. Some men buy sports cars when they turn 40. Childress bought a pack of Marlboros.

So he gets it. Even though he sucked down his last cigarette outside of the Rose Bowl in early 1999, Childress understands that even the toughest or most resilient man needs an outlet.

“I could have gone to Philadelphia and gotten a cigarette anywhere I wanted,” Childress said. “I thought 100 times inside the Vet, I could have walked out to any employee at any time day or night and said, ‘Hey, can I bum a smoke?’ and it would’ve been, ‘Yeah, Coach, here.’ ”

These days, Childress will have an occasional vodka. He understands that Reid isn’t a “closet put-a-dip-in-his-lip guy,” but that he “loves to cook, loves to eat,” Childress said. Everyone has something.

So, the big Mormon guy — whose religion rules out the drinking and smoking — is prone to the occasional beatdown at the buffet table?  REALLY?  We hadn’t noticed!  I thought he had some sort of glandular problem.  I’d like to note that I think that it’s a little odd that the Mormon thing didn’t get mentioned in the article — is it uncool to connect the “not drinking or smoking but overeating” to the guy’s religion?  Maybe?  I dunno.

Also, if I was Childress I would ease up with the vodka chitchat; that’s the second one I’ve seen this week.

Bonus trivia question: what’s Andy Reid’s favorite food (according to a presser from two years ago that I’ll claim to remember)?  Answer tomorrow morning.

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