What Would Buddy Do?
The “number two guy”? That implies there’s a chance he could play!
Posted on January 7th, 2009 at 9:45 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Was there a mention in the papers yet about L.J. Smith that I may have missed?  That is, has anyone commented on Smith’s status with the Eagles over the past couple weeks?  He’s been omitted from a couple of Andy Reid’s injury reports at the coach’s press conferences, including today’s (though he showed up in the official injury report).

At least someone asked today (which probably means we’ll read about Smith tomorrow); Reid’s comments:

“L.J. is coming back off the shoulder. He’s not back 100%, but he’s going to work in right now as the number two guy. We’ll just see how he does; progressively better than he has the last couple weeks. We’ll just see how he feels as he goes through the practice here.”

Not to play conspiracy theorist, but that sounds a lot like L.J. has been, um, benched.  That is, there sure are a lot of other guys who are a lot more hurt (and who aren’t practicing at all) who haven’t been moved to the “number two guy.”  And, um, I think that’s probably a pretty awesome idea.  Celek made a couple clutch catches against the Vikings, and that’s much preferred to missing blocks and being out of position (like a certain someone against the Redskins).

L.J., it’s been a pleasure.

(Though even the biggest L.J. haters amongst us — pointing at nose — have to admit that L.J. probably played his best game of the season against the Giants a month ago.  Yes yes, how ironic.)

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Link Here | January 8, 2009,

lj smith has officially become that crazy relative nobody in the family will talk about at gatherings.

Comment by jd

Link Here | January 8, 2009,

And I thought being an officer in the Donovan McNabb fan club was a lonely job.

Comment by Derek |

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