What Would Buddy Do?
A thousand gold pieces to the one who can get McNabb to admit benching had some impact on him!
Posted on January 8th, 2009 at 11:29 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

While most observers of the Birds are willing to concede that Donovan McNabb’s benching at Baltimore was at least an inflection point for the team this season, good luck getting “never let them see you sweat“ Dunavin to admit it.  As far as he’s concerned, the benching didn’t really mean anything, nothing has changed since then, and any apparent evolution is just a coincidence.

Of course, that hasn’t stopped the blathertariat from purusing this angle.  Every.  Single.  Time.  They.  Talk.  To.  McNabb.  For some reason, Dunavin refuses to offer a simple, “Yeah, it’s obvious the team needed a kick in the butt, and it sure looks like things have gone well since then.”  Of course, that would imply that he wasn’t playing his best all season, and that’s not the sort of thing one is eager to talk about when one is asking for a raise.  So we’ll cut him some slack there.

Still, you’ve gotta love the ongoing effort (what dedication!) from the media to coax some sort of reflection out of the quarterback over the past month.  It’s actually a very impressive body of work:     

January 7

On whether being benched has had any effect on the way he has been playing or whether it’s coincidental: “I think it’s completely coincidental. I don’t think that that played a factor into the way that I am playing now. So, that’s in the past and we’ve moved on.” 

December 31:

On what his range of emotions has been since the game at Baltimore: “No range of emotions. I’m happy.”

On whether he was happy after he was benched at Baltimore: “I was happy then and I’m happy now.”  

December 17:

On whether he thinks his benching at Baltimore was an attempt to make the team play better: “I think the team is playing well. I think we’re all playing well together. For me to be used as the guy to motivate other guys, I really don’t think that was needed, but I guess we’ve all seen what happened and have learned from it and moved on. It’s a different situation when it’s really not you that’s being the guy to motivate everyone else. I think, in light of it, I guess we’re all playing well together.”

On whether his relationship with Andy Reid has changed since his benching: “My relationship hasn’t changed with Andy. I guess that would be an assumption that people would make because of the situation and the coverage which it has received. I guess maybe they took it from ‘we’ll have to talk after whenever’, but in this situation, we’re professionals. We know what our job entitles us to do and that’s for me to go out onto the field and lead this team to successful wins and try to get us in a position to make the playoffs. Anything else after that is after we’re done. As far as right now, we’re focusing on what we need to do to beat Washington.” 

December 11:

On whether he thinks that sitting in the second half of the Ravens game has helped him over the last two weeks: “No.” 

Of course, this all would have been a lot easier if he hadn’t allowed himself to be a human being for just a moment after beating the Cardinals, which begat this on December 3:

On his statement after the Cardinals game that he would like to sit down and talk with people in the organization at some time: “I said that I’ll be talking to Andy, (president) Joe (Banner) and (owner) Jeffrey (Lurie).”

On what it is that he wants to talk with them about: “We’ll discuss that when the time comes. I think that at this particular point, it’s just really for us to focus on who we are playing and that will be the Giants and continue on from there. And the conversation will happen.”

On whether he is secure with his position as the quarterback of the team: “I am the quarterback and I will be the quarterback, so if that’s where you’re going with it, I don’t look at anything else that’s happened.”

And so on and so forth.

See!  That’s what you get for having feelings, Dunavin!  Hope you learned your lesson! 

All that said, national media (especially you, Michael Strahan and Deion Sanders), you’re welcome to get f*cked on this front.  This is our issue, and we’ll deal with it locally.  We don’t need your holier-than-thou crap, especially since most of you have been more than happy to casually beat up on McNabb when he struggled (tell me more about how good Tony Romo is, I’m listening).  Go away.

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Link Here | January 9, 2009,

Can we add Jamie Dukes to that list? I am sick and tired of hearing him tell us all how stupid we are.

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