What Would Buddy Do?
Noted trash-talker Brian Westbrook? Seriously?
Posted on January 9th, 2009 at 11:53 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

There was an especially whingy piece in the NY Post this morning in which Giants’ rookie safety Kenny Phillips discussed Brian Westbrook’s tendency to run his mouth on the field:

“When you watch him, (when) we’re swarming to the ball he’s quiet, he’s not jumping in anybody’s face, he’s not talking trash,” Phillips said. “As soon as he gets going he goes to running his mouth a little bit. We deny the big play, he breaks one and he’s back to his old self.”


“I see it, when we played him the first time, we were shutting him down basically the whole game, he got one big run and he just started, he’s celebrating, he’s talking trash on the field,” Phillips said. “We just got to deny the big play and I think we’ll be OK.”

So some dumb-ass rookie is claiming that Brian Westbrook acts like a jerk?  Past the part where this is the first time I’ve ever heard an opposing player say an unkind thing about Westbrook (if someone out there can correct me, please do — but most players seem to respect Westbrook a ton), is Phillips also implying that Westbrook doesn’t deserve to puff his chest a bit against the Giants?  That he got “one big run” and then acted like, say, he’d been killing the Giants for years?

We’ll forgive the rookie a bit if he doesn’t recall when Westbrook singlehandedly stole a game from the Giants with his punt return in 2003, or when he abused them in the playoffs two years ago.  As big a jerk as Antonio Pierce might be, even he doesn’t speak ill of B-West.

Sorry, kid.  Not sure you’ve got a lot of credibility here.  Looks like we have a new addition to the “Giants I can’t stand” list.  Welcome!

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Link Here | January 9, 2009,

At this point, maintaining the “Giants We Like” list might be easier, no?

Comment by Derek |

Link Here | January 9, 2009,

Derek, does that list even exist? Cannot think of one player on the Gints that I would root for, all things considered.

Comment by Colin_K

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