What Would Buddy Do?
Enjoyable and not very aggravating travel note of the week
Posted on January 13th, 2009 at 11:02 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Forgive me as I borrow liberally from BountyBowl fave Peter King (Quintin Mikell, still misspelled), but I’m going to treat myself to a couple Eagles-related travel notes from Sunday evening:

1.  I enjoyed a couple post-game celebration cocktails with some friends before I headed to the airport Sunday night (much deserved), and also shed a few layers of cold-weather Eagles gear (equally deserved).  So by the time I got to security at EWR, I didn’t have the Trent Cole shirt on, but still had the “Winning is for the Birds” t-shirt rolling, and may have been looking a bit haggard after a day spent outside in the cold.

So I walk up to the metal detector in the remnants of my Eagles gear and step through.  No alarm is triggered, per lo usual, and I show the TSA guard my boarding pass.  SHOCKINGLY, I was selected for a random search that evening!  The guy wearing the Eagles gear at Newark Liberty International airport!  You don’t say!  Note that I fly A TON (~100K miles last year), with 95 percent of those flights through EWR, and I have never been selected for a random search like that.  Never.  Whatever, though.  I took my patdown with a smile.

2.  Mercifully, I had an upgrade for the flight (which was shockingly empty — this is not a positive economic indicator).  I made the prudent decision to stop celebrating for the remainder of the evening.  So the flight attendant comes over and asks me what I’d like to drink.  “Water.”  And then another.  And another.  And another.  I think I got at least seven (7) glasses down.  Finally it’s last call on the flight, we’re about to land, and she asks me if I’d like another drink:

“One more water, please.”


“Yes, please.”

At which point the flight attendant may have crossed a line by observing, “But you haven’t gone to the bathroom once!”  (Seriously, it was weird that she was keeping score, no?)

My reply: “Yeah, well, I’m really dehydrated.”

Go Birds.

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Link Here | January 13, 2009,

Also acceptable would have been “I have an unusually large bladder” or “I’m wearing Depends diapers”

Comment by Thorles

Link Here | January 14, 2009,


Comment by Joe Z

Link Here | January 14, 2009,

We might have also accepted, “Who said I didn’t go to the bathroom?”

Comment by Cheesesteak Hoagie |

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