What Would Buddy Do?
So it wasn’t the benching; let’s try the human interest angle
Posted on January 14th, 2009 at 9:14 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

In an act of extreme patience and restraint, the media assembled for today’s round of Eagles pressers managed to not mention Donovan McNabb’s Benching Against Baltimore, as has been their recent custom.

I suppose they got just as tired of asking as we did of reading.

So today they tried another angle.  It wasn’t the benching that was the turning point — the benching was just a result of McNabb’s anxiety about his wife’s pregnancy.  A ha!  Perhaps this would work — I mean, it wouldn’t be showing weakness to admit that maybe one was a bit preoccupied by an extremely complicated pregnancy, right?

Try.  Again.

On whether there was a point, during his wife’s pregnancy with twins, that he thought about stepping back from football: “No. Family is family and football is another issue. It was tough, but we all have been through difficult situations, whether it deals with family or football.”

Of course, as Lew Bowen has some aptly pointed out, McNabb’s media training is such that he’s unlikely to agree that the sun rises most mornings without first offering a “Not at all.”  So you can’t think you were going to get an easy win out of Donovan.

So why not try the more reasonable — and less skittish around the press, for good reason — Brian Dawkins?

On whether it was difficult for QB Donovan McNabb to concentrate on football due to concern for his wife and expected children during the delivery process: “I would say yes. I’m not in his shoes obviously, but I just know where I was as my wife was going through the ordeal with our babies. Had that been during the season, it would have been very, very tough to focus.”

Voila!  Hit up the guy whose wife ALSO had a complicated pregnancy and ask him the hypothetical!  Without speaking for Dunavin directly, Dawk’ll give you what you wanted.  There you go — now you’ve got copy for a sensitive piece that probes the quarterback’s complex psyche for Thursday morning.

We won’t comment on whom we expect to write tomorrow’s pregnancy story.

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Link Here | January 14, 2009,

This entire thing made me laugh out loud. Well done. Predicting themes for the next morning’s columns? That could be a fun game.

Comment by BFH |

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