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My my, the king is generous today
Posted on January 15th, 2009 at 11:50 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Oh man.  Talk about the last guy we needed to hear from amidst all the Eagles goodness this week.  Bob Grotz checks in with a Lito Sheppard update, in which Lito congratulates himself for not causing a problem in the locker room in the middle of a great run from the Birds:

To his credit, Sheppard hasn’t made the scene that lesser men could have and probably would have.

“If I hadn’t been around these guys as long as I have been,” Sheppard said of his teammates, “things would probably be a little bit different. Not to say (Brian Dawkins) is the reason why I’m handling it the way I’m handling it, but when you think about the team, and you think about what’s important, Dawk does creep into your mind. He’s one of those guys that make you think, ‘Maybe I will chill out.’

“And it’s not that I’m going to get in trouble with anybody on the team. It’s just one of those things where I can’t change the situation right now, so why make it worse?”

To his credit?  Huh?  He should be lauded for not whinging?  The results are fantastic since he’s been removed from the lineup — the Eagles have given up 1 TD pass since the Cardinals game, versus 18 up to that point.  Whether that’s a result of Sheppard’s absence (and Hanson’s presence) is something for smarter football people to evaluate, but the last time he was out there (the Cardinals game), it sure looked like the guy he was covering scored more than once.  Also note the opening play in the Seattle game that was all his fault.

To summarize, recently ineffective player is removed from lineup, team succeeds, and ineffective player is worthy of praise for not complaining more.

Got it.

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Link Here | January 15, 2009,

“Dawk does creep into your mind. He’s one of those guys that make you think, ‘Maybe I will chill out.’

I love how Dawk not only creeps into the opponents minds but also his teammates’.

He’s an absolute mad man and I love it.

Comment by Bountybowl Jr.

Link Here | January 15, 2009,

Later down in that same article:

“Reid said he grew his playoff beard at the request of Dawkins, not because of superstition. He said only Dawkins or Donovan McNabb could have gotten him to do so. “I’m not superstitious at all,” Reid said. “I eat.” ”

I guess Reid doesn’t listen to too many people in the locker room if it’s not about food.

Comment by Bountybowl Jr.

Link Here | January 15, 2009,

In Lito’s defense, I’m not sure anyone’s successfully covering Fitzgerald down by the goal line.

Comment by Derek |

Link Here | January 15, 2009,

Derek, is that the first nice thing you’ve ever said about Lito Sheppard? I’ll be sure to send Lito an e-mail letting him know.

Comment by The Bounty |

Link Here | January 15, 2009,

I’m out of work and Lito makes 2.5 million a year to practice with the team and not contribute on game day. Then he wants props for not complaining.

He’s an a-hole and should thank his previous ability to make all that money in the NFL he’s currently stealing. I hope he’s gone right after we win the Super Bowl without him.

Comment by philcali

Link Here | January 16, 2009,

Didn’t someone say earlier in the year that they thought Lito would stay quiet all year for Dawk? It seems that theory has been brought to light.

Comment by Eric

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