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In response to this week’s Donovan McNabb non-story, I offer you a quiz
Posted on February 5th, 2009 at 12:26 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Cheers to Derek for admirably tackling the Donovan McNabb non-story yesterday (and if you’re not reading Igglesblog this week, you should be — TONS of great stuff over there, heavy on the charts) — this is yeoman’s work!

In lieu of actually engaging in said conversation, I’m going to offer an observation and a link.  The observation is that our attraction to Donovan McNabb is no longer a sports attraction, it’s a celebrity attraction.  It’s not Elton Brand, it’s Britney Spears.  That is, we’re just following drama at this point, not sports.  And for a page-view hungry Philly.com, well, this is just a bear on a bike for them.

If we (or the local media) were really interested in local sports this week, they’d have plenty to talk about: two showdowns with top-of-the-table Boston teams (both close losses — yes, I’m counting the Flyers as a close loss), and the realization that maybe Elton Brand is stealing from the Sixers.  But no, we get some hearsay from Jeremiah Trotter and Hugh Douglas, amplified by an all-too-willing cadre of local blathermonkeys.  Whatever.

If you’re hung up on Dunavin this week, might I suggest that you click this link and take a little quiz.  Consider it a reminder of how bad things could actually be.  For the record, I got 11 of 27.

(Who’s going to be the enterprising Iggles fan who will create one of these quizzes for Eagles QBs since Jaws retired.  Who?  Pointing at nose, staring at ground….)

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Link Here | February 5, 2009,

You nailed it. The talk on Donovan has gone beyond the field of play, which is not surprising in our town and for that particular position. But it’s gotten to the point where a good chunk of the fan base and almost every single one of the frenzy-whipping blatherhounds on WIP, 950 and in print at the Inky and DN hang on #5’s every move and utterance. This is tabloid-mania and it is unbecoming. Everyone needs to step back, take a breath, rmemeber priorities and then come out swinging.

Comment by rocco

Link Here | February 5, 2009,

I enjoyed the Bears QB game a lot. I got 11, too.

I’m not sure enough that I’m right to set up a an online quiz for it, but for the birds since Jaws retired, I’ve got:
Randall Cunningham
Jim McMahon
Pat Ryan
Brad Goebel
Jeff Kemp
Bubby Brister
Rodney Peete
Ty Detmer
Bobby Hoying
Koy Detmer
Donovan McNabb
AJ Feeley
Mike McMahon
Jeff Garcia

Comment by BrianS

Link Here | February 5, 2009,

I was livid that I missed Kordell Stewart. Livid.

Doug Pederson?

I mean, it’ll just take a few minutes with the media guide to get this right. Maybe this is a good offseason project for me.

Comment by Cheesesteak Hoagie |

Link Here | February 5, 2009,

OMG — Doug Pederson! Ouch.

I think Erik Kramer was the most tenured one I missed. I also should have got Jamie Quinn since he played against the Birds.

Comment by BrianS

Link Here | February 5, 2009,

Here’s a novel idea; Donovan, shut your Chunky Soup hole already.

He knows better than to say things like he said to Eskin in Tampa….he should know better anyway…yet, it’s not his fault..it’s never his fault. Poor Donovan. I agree, he’s had it a little rough, but has anyone ever stopped to think about why it is that Donovan and not say….Brian Westbrook gets that treatment.
Let me explain why in 2 easy installments;
1- he’s the QB so that should be self-explanatory
2- he’s puts himself “out there” for controversy.

You could say there is a #3 as well and that would be his erratic play and even more curious glossy stat numbers…or is it the other way around?

Anyhow, none of this gossip fest would exist in it’s current critical mass capacity if Donovan and Andy could actually win the final game of the year instead of lapping at it and taking in wistful wiffs of it.

Comment by bigmyc

Link Here | February 5, 2009,

And sorry Tastykake Hoagie, I vehemently disagree that Derek’s take on the current McGabbfest (heh heh, Donovan McGabb…I like it) was admirable in any recognizable way. To compare Dawk’s explanation for the defense’s poor play to McNabb’s parallel parking of the Eagles tour bus over the defense is nearly insane.

Dawk, correctly and accurately, blamed inexperience and youth for the break downs…OK> Donovan basically said, “..ahem..it wasn’t my fault.”

Big difference. Another main point is that Dawk was speaking of his own unit and turned aside any opportunity to criticize the offense for failing with ten minutes left. Donovan, well, again wasn’t so gracious about deflecting the opportunity to point the finger.

Truthfully, that was one of the most delusional and idiotic posts I’ve seen on that blog.

Time’s yours.

Comment by bigmyc

Link Here | February 5, 2009,

I think it’s admirable to tackle it at all (on the blog). It’s just…so…old. Frankly, I didn’t really have the energy. And then to have to argue about it. I dunno. Maybe I’m just getting old. But if I — as a dude with an Eagles blog — can’t bear the thought of one more rehashing/ parsing of Donovan McNabb’s random words, well, you know it’s been a long season. It really makes me respect the folks who do this every day for a living.

Yes, we probably wouldn’t be talking about this if the Eagles won the Super Bowl. Probably.

Personally, I wish we could all direct our energies to taunting the Cowboys, who apparently have yet to recover from 44-6 (this week: Dan Reeves!). Let’s drink to that!

Comment by The Bounty |

Link Here | February 5, 2009,

Here, here. Those Cowboys are the true non-story. What a bunch of jokers. I guess they’ve resigned themselves to the, “any exposure is good exposure” approach.
, simply because it came out of Donovan’s mouth, and well, these slight indiscretions are something I’ve come to expect from him. By the same token, I hardly think it’s something that should be swept under the rug since the guy received nothing but back-up from the defense all year long…that’s all.

Comment by bigmyc

Link Here | February 5, 2009,

Geez, I accidentally butchered my last post…how’d that happen?
Well, I pick up after the Cowboys opening paragraph;

I agree that the current episode of “As Donovan Spurns” should indeed be a non-story. It wasn’t anything too out of the ordinary for the guy. I didn’t treat his comments as too big of a deal simply because it came out of Donovan’s mouth…

Comment by bigmyc

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