What Would Buddy Do?
And, in conclusion, the end (at least around here)
Posted on March 1st, 2009 at 8:55 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Well, like I always said, if the Eagles let Brian Dawkins go, I’m quitting the blog.

(I never actually said this.  Timing couldn’t have been worse, though.)

So this was the big news to which I alluded earlier this month: BountyBowl will be schlepping its schtick over to IgglesBlog.  After a fun couple years (really, 20 months), BountyBowl is over.

The decision to shutter BountyBowl had been in the works for a while — I’d say I knew by November that the site would be retiring after the season.   To be honest, I didn’t think I’d be writing past the end of December, but I got lucky (depending on your perspective) when the Eagles snuck into the playoffs and made a go of it.  As much as I was disappointed when the Eagles lost the NFC Championship, I was selfishly thrilled that I got to end the blog with a memorable January for the Birds (and not a second straight year out of the playoffs).

I’m going to miss doing BountyBowl.  It’s been a treat for me to translate my (admittedly extreme/ exaggerated) interest in the Eagles into something semi-creative.  The rationale for all this has always been that if I’m going to talk about the Eagles all the time anyway, I may as well capture all that extra energy and do something productive with it.  So I fired up the web site and voila, soon I was harnessing the power of the InterWebs to unleash my boorishness on a grand scale!

As much as I’ve enjoyed doing BountyBowl, by this past fall, the challenges of maintaining the site and keeping up a daily rhythm of posting were just getting a bit heavy.  While I thought I had something moderately original to say about the Eagles and their place in the imagination of the Philadelphia fans, it turns out that I didn’t have that much to say, certainly not nearly enough to justify daily updates, and definitely not enough to sustain more than two seasons of coverage.  In the end, I guess there’s only so many times that one can make jokes about Donovan McNabb’s press conferences.

(By the way, for all the jokes that I make at the expense of the local blathertariat, after trying to manufacture daily content on BountyBowl during the season, I have tons of admiration for the local beat writers.  The demand for new Eagles content in Philly is pretty significant, and the team isn’t always cooperative with the press corps, and yet these folks need to churn out fresh content every morning.  I won’t say I take it all back, but, well, I’ll say that I at least very much respect the work they do.)

I’m psyched to join the team at IgglesBlog, and by “team” I mean “Derek.”  If you’ve been here before, you know that I’ve long been a fan of Derek and all the good work he does at IgglesBlog.  What’s exciting about IgglesBlog isn’t just the content that Derek is generating, but also all the great stuff that comes out of the comments.  It’s a great community of Eagles fans, and I’m thrilled to be a part of it.  It’s going to be fun.  I expect I won’t be writing as frequently, but plan to at least stay in the general mix, as well as bring some of my gear — the del.icio.us feeds, some other stuff — to IgglesBlog.  We’ll figure all that out over the next couple months.

For those folks who bothered to stop by to read or leave a comment, thank you.  I remain flattered and humbled that you took the time to visit and give us a looksie.

It’s been a pleasure, and I hope you come and join us at IgglesBlog.

Comments so far:

Link Here | March 1, 2009,

Gabe, glad to hear we still get to hear from you. You’ve definitely taken the edge off some of the tough losses, and I hope we’ll continue to see your spin on the local blathertariat. Good luck to you and Derek - I think you guys will complement each other well.

Comment by Ajay

Link Here | March 2, 2009,

So long, and thanks for all the fish.

(I enjoyed the BountyBowl very much, and will look forward to your stuff at IB)

Comment by BrianS

Link Here | March 2, 2009,

Great site. I’m sure the writing and reporting styles of you and Derek will complement each other very well and will make for an excellent combination.
See ya on IB.

Comment by Joe

Link Here | November 6, 2009,

I had to post this here because I think that I may be bounced from Iggleshog, where I originally read your post.

Bounty Bowler, I will not admit that baseball is inferior to football, because that is what you are leading to.

Baseball, most certainly isn’t football. Two different sports with two different dynamics and approaches. Besides, there’s something about this team (the Phils managed by the incomparable, Uncle Cholly) that captures the imagination…something that this Andy Reid coached team fails to do in measure.

Plus, the majority of football fans are simply uneducated heathens with no real concept of what a good football team looks like. It is much more difficult to say that of baseball fans.

And if it’s pagentry that you want, it’s difficult to top the bunting hanging from the mezzanine in cool, crisp October air. The NFL has succeeded in overkilling it’s marketing endeavors so that pro football now takes on a campy-WWE-like nature.

I just don’t think this is good for the game. Call me old school, but I miss the days when the most spectacular and electrifying thing about the NFL was Randall Cunningham…not the outside the whistles hype fest propagated by no less than double digit talking heads.

Comment by bigmyc

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