What Would Buddy Do?
Creepy Symmetries
Posted on September 28th, 2008 at 12:42 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

For the avoidance of doubt, the Eagles played on Sunday night in Week Four last year against a good defensive team on the road without the services of Brian Westbrook and one of their best offensive linemen (Tra Thomas).  Yeah.  That one sooked, and not just because (a) I had to watch it in person and (b) it was the effing Giants (on which my feelings are well documented).

I want to believe that tonight’s going to be different, and it should be: Donovan McNabb is acres healthier and more confident than he was at this point last year, and the Birds’ defense is playing with a ton of swagger.  But the Bears are no joke, at least on defense.  A vengeful Brian Griese may have lit up the Bears’ secondary (oh, the irony!), but the Bucs were completely useless running the ball (I know this mostly because I started Earnest Graham in one of my imaginary football leagues).  From the volume of third-person self references coming out of Tommie Harris, we should expect a similar performance this week.

I have visions of a lot of stalled dink-and-dunk offense from the Birds, nervous stops from the defense, and a game that isn’t decided until late in the fourth quarter.  I think the Birds win because the Eagles’ defense is feeling strong and because Donovan McNabb doesn’t like to lose in his home town, but I think it’ll be a hassle all the way.  Let’s call it 23-17 Birds.

(Also, really nice Fog Bowl segment on the ESPN pre-game show this morning.  No buddy interview, though.  SIGH.)

Iggles Blog Vs. BountyBowl Blogstravaganza (#8)
Posted on July 14th, 2008 at 11:39 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

Looks like we’re going for two with entry number eight. 

The first touchdown (+PAT) of entries: 

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Whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa.  How did “Philly is a tough town to be the quarterback” get turned into “Philly doesn’t have good fans”?  These are not logical equivalents, and trust me, I’m just as bored as you are with the standard national media tropes about the Philly faithful.  I mean, sure, some of it is true (yes, they like to boo a lot; yes, it can be a little PG-13 in the stands at the Linc), but it’s all in the context of a town that (a) really can’t get enough of their sports (the freakin Soul and Phantoms can fill their arena) and (b) rather desperately wants to win at something.

I’ll spare you my well-considered treatise on why the people in Philly act this way — we’re limiting our armchair psychobabbling to the plight of Mr. McNabb this week.  Still, I don’t really think calling the Eagles QB job (especially as the face of the franchise/ guy in the commercials/ dude who has a $100 million contract) one of the toughest in U.S. sports is a matter of opinion; this feels more like pretty obvious fact.  The media scrutiny and the intensity of the fans plus the sheer scale of the sports media business in the Delaware Valley all makes this a tough situation for anyone (I hope young Master Kolb is up for it), much less an otherwise reasonable guy like Dunavin.

(Past the New York baseball examples floated in the earlier post, I’ll also toss “National Soccer Team Coach” onto the list.  This isn’t a tough job in the U.S., but is a horrific job everywhere else.  I mean, it’s only the entire nation’s pride and integrity that’s been placed in your control.  Also, the competitions might contain the “patriotism of your average war.”  Tough job.)

Yeah, so I agree they weren’t booing McNabb at the draft (I think I said as much in an earlier post — that it was about how badly Philly wanted a stud back) and that it’s boring to hear the freakin Santa Claus story.  I’ll add that we don’t always hate hearing some of these stories; I invite you to admit that it makes you feel a little bit more hardcore than the rest of the fans out there (gutless cowards that they are).  I sure will. (Read the rest of this story.)

Someone get Buddy a down jacket and some hot chocolate
Posted on December 3rd, 2007 at 7:27 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

They just showed Buddy Ryan in the stands on the MNF telecast (awesome!). 

He’s sitting in the stands wrapped in a blanket freezing his ass off (not awesome!).

You’re telling me we can’t find a warm seat in the luxury box for ole Buddy?  This is an outrage to all that is good and right with football!

I know one guy who wouldn’t be polite about a 24-point spread
Posted on November 25th, 2007 at 11:05 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

buddy would not stand for a 24 point spreadSo things are looking pretty grim for the Birds tonight. Twenty-four-point dogs, the latest tackling dummies for the greatest NFL team anyone has ever seen, one more chance for Belicheat and Shady Brady to pad their stats and overrated loudmouths like Tedy Bruschi and Rodney Harrison to pound their chests. Mostly I’m worried that the Eagles will march humbly to Foxboro and take their whuppin professionally and politely.

Somewhere in rural Kentucky, there’s a man who would not take his whuppin professionally or politely.

This is not to say that said fellow would have a plan for actually winning the game (that might be a bit of a stretch), but at least the team would come out hungry, and would not lose gracefully. No mock humility, no “that’s a great team over there.” This is a man who didn’t make a big deal of pantomiming an “icy handshake” for the benefit of the cameras; if his team lost, he’d just skip the handshake with the opposing coach altogether. He’d run up the score and tell the press it was revenge for previous injustices. (Note, these things most definitely happened in the late 80s.)

And this is the man the Eagles need today: James David Ryan.
(Read the rest of this story.)

What Would Buddy Ryan Do?
Posted on July 15th, 2007 at 10:25 pm by Cheesesteak Hoagie

buddyphi.jpgI guess Buddy Ryan would start a new blog about the Eagles.  Either that, or he’d put a bounty on my head and call me a sissy; later he would attempt to punch me in the face on the sideline. 

Welcome to my new Eagles blog.  I have this other blog where I used to write about the Eagles sometimes.  And by “sometimes” I mean “fairly frequently.”  And by “fairly frequently” I mean “most weeks during the season along with a couple posts on semi-interesting offseason topics.” 

Said posts tended to be mind-bendingly boring for the people who visited said blog looking for information about me, a topic which, in all honesty, I’m not terribly interested in sharing on the Electric Internet.  But the Eagles?  The Electric Internet isn’t yet vast enough for my musings on the Eagles.  Through the miracles of RSS, I’m reasonably confident that I consume ~85 percent of the Eagles-related content on the Electric Internet.  I wish that was a joke.  It’s not.  The Eagles are my favorite content brand, and I enjoy the consumption thereof.  I read all the articles in the various Philly papers.  I watch all the videos on the Eagles site.  I even [staring at ground in shame] listen to WIP over the web.

Yeah, it’s that bad.  But hey, everybody’s gotta have a hobby.  The Birds are my hobby.  And now I’m going to spin my hobby into a little Electric Internet Project.  Thus, bountybowl.com. 

My goal is to post something most days, even if it’s just a link to something I’ve read or watched with some commentary.  I don’t have the time or bandwidth for many exhaustive posts, but I’ve got an ingenious plan: I’ll make it up in volume.  One-liners are just fine.  Links to videos are just fine.  Silly pictures are fine too.  I just want to keep it fresh and frequent.

So that’s the plan. 

Oh right, and I almost forgot: