What Would Buddy Do?
Good to know where we stand with Parcells
Posted on August 12th, 2007 at 9:42 am by Cheesesteak Hoagie

ARRRGGGGHHHIn addition to Andy Reid’s self-deprecating comments about his physique (”But after that fourth game, I’m just sitting there at my desk just feeling sorry for myself like a big cream puff”), my favorite bits in the big feature in the Inquirer this morning were a bunch of details on his relationship with Bill Parcells:

I get a phone call, and it’s Parcells, and he says, ‘Listen, you son of a gun.’ And then he just went crazy on me. He says, ‘Stop acting like John Wayne. I told you to pick that phone up and give me a call. We all need somebody to talk to. You’re going to fall apart. I know you’re sitting at your desk right now feeling sorry for yourself.’ “

Look at that! Parcells as sensitive mentor! Even better, Parcells sends a shout-out to the peoples and fans of the Illadelph:

Around that same time, Reid received a call from Bill Parcells, who had told him during the preseason to call him when times got tough.

“He and [former Green Bay general manager] Ron Wolf were friends, so I think Ron kind of told him to watch over me,” Reid said. “Bill says, ‘Listen, I’ve coached in New England and both New York teams.’ He was coaching the Jets at the time. He says, ‘You are in the toughest city in the NFL, media-wise and fan-base-wise.’ He says, ‘We all need somebody to talk to, so make sure you give me a call because things aren’t going to go very well for you. You’re not a very good football team, and things aren’t going to go very well for you.’

Damn skippy it’s the toughest city in the NFL! And from Parcells himself!

(This is all leading to Parcells coaching the Birds in 2012. You heard it here first.)

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